Trayvon Martin’s Death Due To Self-Fulfulling Victim Mentality

Trayvon Martin didn’t have to die. He didn’t even have to end up in the situation he did. Had he taken a different approach to life, Trayvon would still be alive.

Trayvon didn’t have to die . Had he taken a different approach toward life and his attitude toward others, he would still be with us. Unfortunately, evil is so prevalent in our world that it preys on our young people with impunity. I’m talking about the spiritual wickedness in high places the Bible talks about.

Whenever something tragic like this happens, you can always bet the very real evil that exists in our world had a hand in it. In this case, Trayvon Martin was a victim of our public school system which teaches young people that if they’re black or hispanic, they can expect others to be racist toward them. It also teaches that blacks and minorities require governmental assistance and a different set of rules than the rest of America in order to succeed because things are that skewed out of their favor.

Schools should be teaching the exact opposite of this, but instead we’re clipping the wings of our young people right when they’re the most idealistic and optimistic about life. This wrong-thinking is what creates the cycle of poverty that keeps people economically enslaved. Why does the school system do this?

Because, in a few words, our public schools are under the influence of satan and he wants all of humanity to be depressed, angry at God, bitter and envious of our fellow man, and out of step with our Creator because then it’s a lot easier for him to get us killed and to drag our souls to hell, which is unfortunately where Trayvon Martin is right now.

God help us and the American public school system.

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