Spirit Of Pedophilia Over South-East Asia

There seems to be a lot of spiritual darkness over south-east Asia at the moment, especially when it comes to sexual assault and pedophilia.

Reading the news these days, I often find myself at a loss for words. There are so many cringe-worthy stories you come across that it makes it difficult to trust in your fellow man. This is all by design since the media selectively chooses news headlines that cause us to fear and distrust one another. This is what satan wants because there are few things that will distract people from what’s really going on better than an emotionally-charged issue.

The real evil behind violent crimes, however, are the dark forces few understand. For example, a 7-year-old girl was raped in a state-run school in New Delhi. This is a tragedy, one that raises your ire and causes your spirit to cry out for justice. The perpetrator of this crime will be sentenced to prison most likely, or worse, which is entirely justified, but I’m of the opinion that this entire scenario could have been avoided. Whenever I see a story like this, I know that the man who committed this crime is in spiritual bondage and in desperate need of Jesus Christ.

I discern a spirit of pedophilia at work here, driving this man to commit heinous sex acts, in this case with a little girl. This is not something someone does on a whim unless there is something seriously wrong with them. When a man rapes a little girl, this is not normal behavior and people have to realize that normal people don’t do things like that. People who have demons on them, however, will do things like that. This is why prayer and deliverance ministries are so important.

If you’re not with me on the demons part, consider that in the past six months, there have been increasing numbers of sex crimes being committed in the country of India. That much is clear if you consider what happened to a 23-year-old student who got gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi this past December. Rape figures in India have gone up from 2,000 some odd rapes to 24,000 some odd rapes from the ’70’s to today. Why is this happening? It’s a spiritual problem possibly infecting that entire region of South-East Asia. More than anything, prayer warriors and intercessors are needed to stand in the gap for India on this critical issue.

While people in the Indian media are talking stricter laws against sexual assault and rape, they will most likely miss this crucial piece of the puzzle, much like we in the U.S. have missed the larger piece of the ‘mass murders’ puzzle by talking up stricter gun laws. In both cases, at the heart of it is a spiritual matter. Pray that the women of India don’t fall into unforgiveness, or rebellion as a result of the depraved actions of these men who are in spiritual poverty and truly need Jesus to come transform their lives. Pray that God reconciles the victims, their families, the perpetrators and the nation of India back to him so that the enemy and his deceptions will be rendered powerless there.

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