Short Guys Are God’s Gift To Short Girls

Petite women need to stop obsessing over what the latest magazines say and start procreating with short guys again.

You hear it all the time: ‘I’m not going out with him, he’s short.’ ‘He has to be tall enough for me to wear heels and still be shorter than he is.’ On its face, there’s nothing wrong with women having preferences for what they find attractive in a man. It’s only natural and attraction isn’t something you think about. It just happens.

I don’t have a problem with ladies finding taller men attractive because I tend to find women shorter than me attractive. It works both ways. To me, shorter women are sexier, more feminine and make me want to protect them, something I believe creates really hot sexual chemistry. In most cases, a shorter man is at a disadvantage when he’s with a taller woman because it’s more difficult for him to create this chemistry. Don’t get me wrong. It can be be done, just not as easily.

But what I do have a problem with is that women these days consider a man who is the average height of 5’8″ to be short even when they themselves are shorter, say 5’5″ or 5’3″. Women’s height-requirements have gotten much more stringent in recent years due to something that’s not really mentioned, or understood until now. I’m going to disclose the big secret.

The reason today’s women are insisting on procreating with men who are at least 6′ at a bare minimum is because they’ve gotten so insecure over their own height due to insidious messaging in many women’s magazines. These women’s magazines need to all be burnt to ash in a giant bonfire. They are the bane of the ‘short’ man’s dating problems. If short women were actually O.K. with being short and didn’t have any insecurity about their height, they would be all over us shorter guys, like the good Lord intended.

Due to deep-seeded emotions that go back to their childhood, they have this irrational desire to be like the runway models they see in Glamour and Vogue magazine. They want to be impossibly skinny and with no curves, like Kate Moss. They’ve become so brainwashed by the media, thinking their lack of height is a bad thing that they actually find these types of women attractive. This kind of explains why the women in my family, who are of latin origin, all secretly want to be white, but that’s another story.

Hey short women! Stop complaining about being short. Women are supposed to be short! Shorter, petite women are hot, sexy, desirable and in my humble opinion, have better bodes i.e. more curvaceous than your taller counterparts. Why do you want to ruin your God-given genetic material by copulating with goofy, skinny, tall guys who look like they’ve never lifted a weight in their life??

Short guys are God’s gift to short women. There, I said it. We almost always have better bodies than taller guys. We’re more muscular, have higher testosterone levels, we’re sexier than many taller guys and have v-shaped torsos the ladies love. But most importantly, the sexiest women walking the earth today all owe a debt of gratitude to our ‘short’ genes because it’s short genes that make women look more athletic, proportionate, curvy, give women that hourglass figure and exotic, or darker, olive-colored skin if you factor in the ethnic characteristics of many of my shorter brothers and sisters.

Take Asian guys, for example, who according to a new study have the hardest time getting a date these days. If it weren’t for them, the hottest Asian girls that almost every guy universally finds attractive and wants to be with would not exist. Did you get that? You would not even exist without us. That has to count for something.

But I have hope for short women because I think they’re slowly beginning to find out that curves are sexy, that being short is a blessing and that being ethnic is not necessarily a bad thing. Take Kim Kardashian, who was recently married to athlete, Kris Humphries.

Humpries at 6′ 9″ is a giant of a man and it’s not inconceivable that Kim Kardashian saw his height as a big attraction factor, at least initially. However, for whatever reason, she divorced him after only 72 days of marriage and got remarried to Kayne West, who is 5′ 8″. Kim now has two children with West and seems to be very happy. Live and learn, ladies.


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