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Want To Share Your <br/> Testimony On The Show?
Want To Share Your <br/> Testimony On The Show?

Want To Share Your
Testimony On The Show?

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Top 10 Testimonies Of Jesus Christ 


1. John Ramirez

2. Purvi

3. Kevin Fisher

4. Jason Carter

5. John Clancy

6. Michael Hur

7. Buck Stephens

8. Chris Lasala

9. Joe Sciambra

10. Stephanie Fruge


Show History


The Eternal Planner

The Eternal Planner is a live online talk show featuring personal testimonies of Jesus Christ and news and opinion from a Christian conservative point of view. Read our statement of faith.


Prior to founding The Eternal Planner, our humble host ran a libertarian political talk show on AM 1460 WVOX in New Rochelle, New York from 2011 to 2012.


wvoxshot (1)tiny

It wasn't until Rob had a supernatural encounter with Jesus in 2012 that he transitioned the show into its current format. Read Rob's testimony


The show and its paid subscription platform launched in January of 2014. The Eternal Planner combines faith and politics with guests from around the world who have amazing and oftentimes supernatural testimonies of Jesus Christ. The show has featured guests from both sides of the theological spectrum.


If you would like to share your testimony of Jesus Christ on The Eternal Planner, please contact