Multiple Personality Disorder Or Demonic Manifestation?

After watching this video of Jonathan Kleck explaining what happened to him at a local Starbucks in Texas, you’ll no longer believe in multiple personality disorder.

A Starbucks Employee With Multiple Personality Disorder?

Jonathan Kleck tells the story of what happened to him when a Starbucks employee asked if he could draw a picture of him. Having had multiple people come up to him in the past and ask if they could draw a picture of him, he wasn’t surprised when the same exact thing that happened the last number of times, happened again. It’s a must-see. It’s stories like this that call into question the idea of multiple personality disorder and dare I say it, the entire field of psychiatry.

Once you hear what this alter ego a.k.a. demon said to Jonathan, you’ll realize how we let demons into our lives through the sin we commit. In the case of this employee, he’s not anyone extra bad, he’s simply a sinner being used by the enemy, completely unbeknownst to him, like so many of us are. This is not an isolated incident and does in fact happen a lot more than we think it does. You don’t have to look very far in order to see that this is indeed does happen.

A Crazed, Nudist Cannibal With Multiple Personality Disorder?

Someone’s personality shifting suddenly to where they have no recognition of what they were saying or doing is not uncommon. Last year, a Miami man was found naked and eating a homeless man’s face. They actually have it on surveillance tape, although you can’t see the gore. It made headlines and was covered by channel 7 news.

After watching Jonathan’s video, I find myself asking what would cause not just a person’s voice tonality to change, but their whole demeanor. Then you have to consider the message that this “personality” is coming across with (a message that is corroborated by an eye-witness, in this case, Jonathan’s friend, Chris). Does this really fall under the category of multiple personality disorder? I don’t think so.

No, Not Multiple Personality Disorder . . . Bath Salts!

In the case of the Miami face-eater, I find myself asking what would cause a man to completely lose control over his body and frame of mind to the point of eating another human being’s flesh (off his face, no less)?? If it’s not multiple personality disorder, was he high on drugs? That’s what some news outlets are trying to blame it on. Check out this next clip from CNN.

The first thing of note is how the overdose victim, Freddy Sharp, describes being high on bath salts, saying it was a “very evil” feeling and that he was hallucinating about being in a mental asylum and being possessed by the spirit of a murderer. What Freddy thinks was just a hallucination was really happening in the spirit realm. A spirit of murder most likely waltzed right into the wide open door Freddy opened into his soul when he committed sin by inhaling bath salts.

The other interesting point is that Don Lemon actually asks the overdose victim whether he thinks the Miami incident might have been caused by bath salts? That’s an odd segue, don’t you think? This immediately raises the question, ‘Why is such a stretch being made without even one shred of evidence being put forth to prove that the Miami cannibal was high on bath salts? As a matter of fact, CBS Local in Miami ran an article stating definitively that the Miami man was not high on bath salts or any other drugs.

Fact is, people love to bend over backwards to deny the spirit realm, even when the truth is staring them right in the face. Clearly, the ’causeway cannibal’ as he’s being called, was under demonic influence, as was the Starbucks employee in Jonathan Kleck’s testimony.

Demonic Manifestations I’ve experienced

I myself have experienced more than my share of demonic influence and have had many manifestations, thankfully within the privacy of my own apartment.

One time, during the hardest part of my testing period, where the Lord was really showing me just how subtle sin is and how even the slightest open door can let demons inside of you, I remember I was shoveling snow on my driveway and a bitter thought came to mind about my father, who loved to order me around, but not help out and immediately I could sense an onrush of demonic influence.

After I was finished shoveling the snow, I felt a deep need to isolate myself in my apartment. I was extremely hot and uncomfortable with my clothes on, even though I wasn’t that sweaty or hot physically. The feeling of clothing on my body was bothering me, so I stripped naked and crouched down into what I can only describe as a ‘cat-like’ position and I found myself staring into space for long stretches of time, while my mind was elsewhere. I felt like a caged animal for at least an hour, until the Holy Spirit helped me to get delivered.

I remember another time when I was driving in my car and I had some road rage at another driver. This caused me to get defiled spiritually and pretty soon, I had this deep desire to drive into the cemetery near my house, strip off all my clothes and just hang out among the tombs. I remember thinking that this was a good idea and it took quite a bit of willpower not to allow myself to do that.

Sometimes, when I have demonic influence on me, my mother senses that something is not right and usually makes a comment to me about it. She’s told me my eyes don’t look the same, or that I seemed spiritually dead (which was technically true at the time). When I would look at my own eyes in the mirror, they would look all droopy and dead, like cow eyes. My skin used to get cold and numb-feeling even though my skin is usually hot and soft, all due to demonic influence.

Of course, I can also give you accounts of other types of demonic influence where the ‘symptoms’ are altogether different. For example, whenever I have lust on me, I have a harder time controlling my thoughts about women. I start to get an intense need to masturbate or do things that would gratify me sexually. As soon as I get deliverance from these spirits, I feel normal again. That’s not to say I don’t get aroused or have a sex drive because I do, but it’s more natural and relaxed, not urgent, or destructive like with lust.

Anecdote From A Brother In Christ

One brother in Christ, who shall remain nameless, was out with his fiancee one night when something unexpected happened. In his account, he shared how the night was coming to a close and he and his fiancee were heading to their car to drive home when he got this feeling that something was following them.

As he was driving home, he and his fiancee had a bad argument and then everything got really quiet. His fiancee kept looking at him with these cold, dead eyes, as if it wasn’t her looking anymore. When they both got out to say goodnight and walk her to the door, she lost control over her body and was on the verge of attacking him or gouging at his eyes, although at the time she stood motionless because she was fighting the impulse with all of her being, as she would later recount. She recalls that the experience scared her and that she was fully cognizant of what was happening the entire time. Does this sound like a personality disorder to you??

The Bottom Line

Demonic manifestations are real, they happen to Christian and non-Christian alike and are behind a whole host of societal issues we deal with on a day-to-day basis. I’m talking about crime, urban blight, poverty of spirit, greed, hate, violence, racism, adultery and almost every really bad thing you can think of.

We need to take the problem out at its roots by addressing the spiritual repercussions of sin, how it separates us from God and what is required to, through faith, forcibly remove these spirits from our lives using the mighty name of Jesus Christ! This is not about someone having a personality disorder. It’s all about sin and demonic influence and ultimately, how people can get set free through Jesus Christ.

Please read my free course, ‘Demon-Off! Self Deliverance System for information how you can get delivered from demons right now, without ever having to go to a deliverance minister. Jesus is the deliverer! Just plug in your email address and get access to the course now.

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