It’s Time To Re-Watch Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The Holy Spirit spoke to me through this scene in Indiana Jones’ Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Holy Spirit wanted me to turn on the T.V. tonight for a few minutes so He could show me something. It’s rare that the Holy Spirit tells me to turn on the T.V. so I grabbed the remote and flicked it on. After flipping through a bunch of garbage, I came to Indiana Jones’ Raiders of the Lost Ark. I got the sense I should watch it, so I did.

It was on the the next to last scene, where they open the Ark of the Covenant and demonic spirits are released to destroy everyone who looks on it (watch the clip above). I grew up on this movie and I remember as a kid shutting my eyes when the Nazi guy’s skin melted off his face. I also shut my eyes because I thought I would be destroyed, just like the people in the film, if I kept them open.

Watching the full scene now, years later, I have to say, even for today’s standards, it’s a pretty gory.  And it’s scary too because of how real what the film is referring to is. The Ark of the Covenant, which is where the Ten Commandments are kept, is so holy that God gave the Israelites explicit instructions as to how it should be handled.

If we remember the story of Uzzah and how he was struck dead for touching the Ark, clearly, conduct surrounding the Ark is not to be taken lightly. For more, check out this great explication on why Uzzah was killed and here’s a link to some Bible verses that discuss the Ark of the Covenant.

In the scene, after they’re all destroyed and Indie and his girlfriend are saved because they kept their eyes closed, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said something to the effect of these words:

People in society today have no respect for me or my laws and are like the men in the movie who looked on the Ark when they were not supposed to. Everyone who disregards my Word will be destroyed.

So I think we all need to ponder these words as we go forward into 2013. God bless.

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  • DJ, God is always speaking to us. Are we listening? If we take the time to get to know God and learn his voice, distinguishing it from our own thought-process and the influence-peddling of the enemy, we can have a real personal relationship with God. This is what we were created to do. You sound oddly bewildered by what I’m stating here. All of this is pretty standard Christian thought. If you want to have a more in depth conversation about this, contact me directly through my site and I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have.

    • DJaxon

      If this voice was “the voice of god,” then there is no reason it shouldn’t be able to directly communicate new empirical knowledge to you that you didn’t previously possess; a fact that you can go out and check for yourself. Of course, this has never happened and it never will. Oddly, “the voice of God” is only able to tell you what you already know or what you would like to hear.

      How about you ask this godly inner-voice why all of the scientists acknowledge Evolution, or better yet, as your god what the evidence is that leads the scientists to having this nearly unanimous belief. Ask your god what the bio-geographic evidence is that supports evolution, or what Human Chromosome #2 is. Then you can easily go and confirm that you were given knowledge that you didn’t previously have.

      There are lots of ways to test whether this is the “voice of god,” or just your own thoughts. As it is, it is an extraordinary claim that the creator of the universe is telling you to turn on the TV, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. To a rationally-minded person, it just seems like you told yourself to turn on the TV and then looked for something meaningful to your faith. With all of the channels we have to choose from and your predisposition to find something, it’s no wonder—and certainly no miracle—that you did. Why does “the voice of god,” tell people an inconsistant message? Certainly, one would expect the voice of god to deliver a clear and consistant message, but this is obviously not what we see. Even among Christians, we have millions of people getting contradictory messages from the “voice of god.”

    • DJaxon

      Also, it seems like you kind of missed the point of the movie. The villains in the movie, the Nazis, were all devout believers (reflecting real life, of course), which is why they are after the Ark. Indy, the skeptic, only wants the ark for it’s historical value.

      In the film, the Nazis are hunting the Ark because they want to harness it’s supernatural power to fulfill “god’s destiny.” The heroes of the film, especially Indy, are all true skeptics. Yet whose life is spared? Of course, it’s the hero/skeptics whose lives are spared.

      And does Indy walk away from this supernatural experience “saved,” as devout Christian or even a Jew? No, he is STILL skeptical and remains only interested in the Ark for it’s historical value. Even if the Ark has mysterious power, Indy fully understands that a mystery does not necessarily constitute a miracle.

  • DJaxon

    “something to the effect of these words?”

    The Creator of the Universe literally spoke to you, and you don’t remember exactly what he said? Did he speak aloud to you or did you just hear his voice in your head? If the latter, what method do you use for determining what is his voice and what is simply your own thoughts? Does he say, “Hey Rob, Jesus here…”? Ever notice that how you tend to agree with everything the voice says, and that it never really surprises you?