God Wanted The Ravens To Win The Superbowl

If you want to know what was going on at the big game this year on a spiritual level and why God wanted the Ravens to win the Superbowl, read on.

I really enjoyed watching the Superbowl this year. There were a lot of interesting angles this time around. The Harbaugh brothers, for one, and secondly, a lot of believers in Christ watching with the expectation that something supernaturally-significant was going to happen either during the Half-Time Show, or during the event itself.

In previous years, Christians have pointed to Madonna’s performance at the Half-Time Show as being spiritually significant. Her performance, what with all the ancient Egyptian (read: pagan) poses and sexually-charged music in general kind of leave me with the thought, ‘What’s NOT satanic about this?’ but there are still people who doubt.

If you’re not convinced that our music industry has been subtly and not-so subtly influenced by very real spiritual evil a.k.a. demons for decades, then I would check out KijaniAmariAK’s YouTube channel under the heading, Satanism in Hip Hop.’ It’s pretty clear after watching this series that there is something ‘Not right’ about many performers in the music industry.

But the point is, a lot of believers are convinced that we’re living in the End Times and that evil is increasing in every sphere of life, including current events, politics, and yes, even sporting events.

Clearly, there’s something not quite right with the way the whole Superbowl panned out, especially considering this unexplained ‘anomaly’ that caused the power to go out. So I thought I’d give you my contribution, my little ‘piece of the puzzle.’ Maybe if we put our heads together, we can solve this mystery. . .

After the lights went back on and play resumed, the Ravens started playing terribly. They appeared lethargic and the complete opposite of how they went into the first quarter. I figured that maybe this was because they had lost momentum from sitting around for thirty some odd minutes.

By the time fourth quarter came around and they were still playing bad football, I thought to myself, ‘Something is going on here.’ That’s when I discerned that the Ravens were being attacked on a spiritual level.

Now, concerning spiritual attack, this can happen when you have unrepentant sin on your life, a spiritual influence on you that you haven’t delivered yourself from in Jesus’ name, or when you have a soul tie on your spirit caused by you lusting after someone, or someone else lusting after you.

In this case, I couldn’t discern what was causing this spiritual attack, all I could sense was that they were being attacked, which is when I prayed to God to give them spiritual protection from the enemy so that they could play again. As soon as I did this, I noticed that the Ravens immediately starting to dominate the game again.

This is exactly when the Ravens started taking control of the game and what in the end, caused them to eventually win. I’m not taking credit of course. It’s all God, who chooses to use us for his purposes. I guess I was the one who he chose to do this for him, that’s the only way I can explain it.

Seriously, as soon as I started praying, the Ravens took the game. It was from that exact moment. I also discerned immediately after my prayer that they were no longer under spiritual attack. Praise God.

Interestingly enough, a Pastor’s wife had a vision I heard somewhere that while watching the Superbowl, she saw bombers flying over the stadium dumping some kind of airborne substance. His wife practically never has visions like this and was so shaken by it that she didn’t tell him for a couple hours.

There’s a possibility that, based on this vision, the demonic was involved in orchestrating something behind the scenes. There’s a very real possibility that the cause of the power outage was supernatural. It may have even been linked to the Half-Time Show because it was right after Beyonce performed her elaborate ritualistic ceremony with obvious occult symbolism that the outage occurred.

Beyonce’s performance may have cursed the stadium and opened a spiritual doorway for the enemy do to something on a grand scale. A power outage and subsequent spiritual invasion of the stadium would fall into that category.

I’m just throwing out this possibility, which would make sense since this is how the enemy operates. Sin has to first be committed before God lifts his spiritual protection and the door is open.

At the end of the day, however, I don’t like a cheater and in this case, the cheaters were the 49ers who were using occult powers to cause them to have an edge over the Ravens, so I’m glad that God decided to intervene. Whether Coach Harbough on the 49ers secondarily consulted some New Orleans witch-doctor, or something, I don’t know.

Some of the advertisements were pretty satanic, since they seemed to advocate Voodoo, but that’s an easy one and we won’t even go there. All this stuff makes God sick, by the way. Why would he continue to bless and protect us when we continue to say, ‘Yes’ to these things?

But these events cause me to conclude that, for some strange reason, satan wanted the 49ers to win the Superbowl. Why else would he only go after players on the Ravens, once he was inside the stadium? He could have picked anybody.

My initial reaction, based on the fact that he’s working through President Obama and the media to attack the Boy Scouts of America for their stance on gay marriage, as well as the President’s Inaugural address where he made the gay issue front and center in the debate, that satan wants to further destroy the family and healthy male-female relationships by using the Superbowl as some kind of platform for being in support of gay marriage.

I have no way of backing this up. Again, this is just me throwing out ideas, but I think the enemy wanted the 49ers to win because of San Fransisco being a big stronghold of homosexuality and a Superbowl win somehow validates that lifestyle. Also, the 49ers came out with a commercial in support of homosexuality after one of their players, Chris Culliver made some controversial statements.

An interesting update, the ad was pulled after some of the players on the team say they weren’t aware is for a pro-gay commercial.

But I think the real reason the enemy didn’t want the Ravens to win was because of the strong faith of Ravens Linebacker, Ray Lewis, as well as other players on the team who are known for being strong Christians.

Lewis has already invoked the Bible at the Superbowl parade and is always making big statements as to his faith in God. The enemy hated this and wanted to silence him and possibly get him convicted of murder, so a Superbowl loss would have somehow justified moving forward with that case. But since the Ravens won, that’s all out the window.

I think this is the real reason the Ravens won. The enemy wanted to use this game to destroy ‘God’s Linebacker’ Ray Lewish and the Lord was not having it.

And for those of you who want to point your finger at Ray Lewis for fathering children with multiple women and being implicated in a murder case, none of that matters. God cares about our hearts and whether we are truly repentant or not. If we follow him, he will transform us and make us more like him.

God always comes through, even in the darkest of circumstances to lift us up and protect us from evil, as long as we’re owned by him and as long as we humble ourselves enough to live a repentant life.

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