Crash Course In The Supernatural!

Science is limited in its ability to explain many aspects of the world around us. If atheists don’t come to embrace this fact, they’ll continue to have no basis for understanding scripture.

A Crash Course In The Supernatural, Just For You . . .

Atheists, I love you and want you to learn the truth.

I wouldn’t be here saying highly unpopular things if I didn’t know them to be 100% true. I’ve lost friends, relationships, family, and have gone through a lot of struggles to bring you the information presented on this site.

If I were out to make money, like some are suggesting, I wouldn’t be here. I’d be on Wall Street working for some firm.

The question you should be asking yourself is, ‘Why do Christians willingly go through hardship and even death in order to proclaim the Gospel message?’ All over the world, Christians have been burned alive, murdered, thrown into prison, decapitated and beaten by angry mobs simply for practicing their faith.

I recommend watching The Persecution Report to learn how Christians are routinely gunned down in their places of worship, assaulted and locked away in prisons on an ongoing basis. And yet, despite everything, they continue to hold fast to their faith.

I submit to you that the reason Christians go through such extreme hardship is because we are ‘the resistance’ in a spiritual war between good and evil and that people’s eternal souls hang in the balance.

But the question now becomes, how do you explain this reality to someone who doesn’t believe in the things of the spirit?

Watch the following video series in its entirety and then ask yourself whether science can truly explain these phenomena.

“But testimonies and personal experience aren’t real evidence!” I know, I know, but humor me. Show me you have an open mind.

So without further ado . . .

PART I: Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s)

Part II: Sleep Paralysis

PART III: New Age Occultism

PART IV: Demonic Possession

PART V: End Times Prophecy

PART VI: Fulfilled Prophecy

PART VII: Divine Healing

PART VIII: Satanism In Hip-Hop

Part IX: Personal Testimonies of Jesus Christ

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  • spraynard

    sadly, this guy wont open his mind to anthropology, history, and archaeology or any other science to learn where his fairytale book came from. all the videos are also have explanations that are based in reality, but i can see he’s too afraid to look for that evidence. believing in the supernatural is easy, but for people like this guy their inane beliefs make them feel important and full of special purpose. it’s very sad that they cant see beauty and life outside of that and refuse to try out of fear and denial.

  • Stew

    There are respectable, logical arguments for Xtianity. I don’t agree with many of them, but they exist. Oddly, in the week that could have done the most to boost your visibility (TTA clearly has an exponentially larger viewership than your own), you opted not to point the way to those.

    This content is … laughable.

    • So you didn’t take the challenge and you can’t explain these phenomena through science, so you resort to pettiness and insults.

      • Stew

        I insulted you? Where?? That certainly wasn’t my intent. If you took offense, I apologize.

        I DO find the series of youtube videos you linked to laughable, and the scientific record is quite clear on a number of these issues. That you refuse to search for them is a personal decision that you have every right to make.

  • Megan Kendall

    Science proves things that can be observed and measured. Rob Rennie defends what he WANTS to be true.

    • arlington neiswander

      Thats a Crock if science proves what things can be observed then how has science proven that the earth is billions of years old and evolution and all the other charlatan nonsense. They werent there to observe it. they cant duplicate it and they certainly cant prove it even with the scientific method. (admittedly it has to be biased just to make it work)EXCEPT BY FAITH. Bunch of over arrogant hypocrites.

      • Hey bro, I agree with you, but be careful with your words. I don’t want you to allow bitterness into your soul and have it defile you and mess up your relationship with God. Bitterness is a sin too and we need to be praying in love that God would reach out to these people and bring them out of spiritual darkness. Remember what Jesus said. “No one can come to me, unless the Father, who sent me, draw him.” Let’s pray that God draws them.

  • Pixelegion

    Did you disable facebook comments? Are you afraid of people seeing them?

  • betlamed

    Oh, I’ll be having so much fun watching a few of those videos.

    By the way: Did you know that Hitler ATE SUGAR???!!!!!!111!

    Also relevant,

  • John John

    This is kinda … insane.

    • Chris

      You have provided anecdotal evidence to support your mysterious beliefs. If I made you watch 100 videos of personal testimony about their encounters with aliens, by your own logic you would believe in alien encounters? Really what is the difference, unfortunately for you there is none.