Rob Rennie


Rob Rennie (born April 6th, 1982) is a new media evangelist for Jesus Christ. He is radio host and producer of The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie, a Christian conservative news and political talk show featuring personal testimonies of Jesus Christ and the supernatural.

Previously, Rob was a porn addict for over 18 years ever since being introduced to Playboy magazines and internet porn at an early age (see Rob’s testimony). It wasn’t until he came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior that his life was radically transformed.

While working as a personal trainer in early 2011, Rob was invited by a friend to co-host a local radio show on AM 1460 WVOX in New Rochelle, New York called ‘Buzz Words,’ a show about pop culture and technology. There, Vice President of Whitney Media Don Stevens noticed Rob and approached him with an opportunity to host his own talk show.

Rob, a volunteer for the Jim Russell for Congress and Peter Schiff for Senate campaigns in 2010 jumped at the opportunity to launch a libertarian political talk show called ‘The Rob Rennie Show.’

It was while doing the Rob Rennie Show that Rob had a supernatural encounter with God, causing him to radically change the format of his show. Rob describes how God downloaded to him information concerning a Christian radio show featuring personal testimonies of Jesus Christ called ‘The Eternal Planner.’ After making the necessary changes, ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie went live on AM 1460 WVOX and online in January of 2012.

Since then, Rob has interviewed well over 100 Christians from all over the world helping them to promote their testimonies of how they came to be believers in Jesus Christ across various media platforms online.

Rob’s core message to Christians is that of repentance. Too many Christians today believe that because they go through confirmation class or because they say the salvation prayer at the end of a church service that there’s nothing else that God requires of them. The vast majority of Christians are ignorant to the reality of spiritual warfare, which causes many well-meaning Christians to drift away from the faith (see: atheists, disgraced pastors and televangelists).

Yes, salvation is a free gift through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and savior and there’s nothing we can do to earn our salvation. Our problem is that of not fully surrendering to God so that he can sanctify us through the power of his Holy Spirit. It’s during the sanctification process that God teaches us how to walk in holiness so that we can be used as vessels to share the Gospel with others. Yes, God expects us to continue to repent and walk closely with him and to do his will.