The Deliverance Chronicles Part I


Rob Rennie | I’ve had to put myself through lots of self-deliverance over the past few weeks. I’m talking startling numbers of demons.

While I was totally revamping my website this past week or so, I’ve had a number of experiences with needing to put myself through deliverance because of all of the demons I let into my spirit.

What I’m coming to learn is that sometimes, demons will gain access to your ‘house,’ that is your body and spirit, for peripheral reasons, not necessarily because you’ve committed sin (which is normally the case).

For me, it was because I was exhibiting behaviors that were not becoming of a Christian, and which frankly put me in a situation where I flat-out had just too much in common with the demonic.

Let me explain. While working on my site, I started practically banging my head against the wall out of frustration. I started shouting curses, gesticulating, pounding my fist on the table, and generally getting extremely upset. Computers have a way of bringing that out in me sometimes. Especially when it’s something related to my ministry and what the Lord has called me to do.

Now, I’ve identified this behavior with the enemy being able to get a foothold on my spirit. I know this because shortly thereafter, I noticed that these words were sub-communicated to me:

You can’t do this. You’re no good at computers. You’re never going to get this problem fixed.

The strange thing was I make it a point to never talk myself down and yet I was getting these distinct messages that were coming from somewhere around me. They were manifesting in my thought-stream, but weren’t originating from me.

It wasn’t until later that I found out I had let the spirit of insecurity in by allowing myself to get all frustrated and bent out of shape over my website. It was like an admission that I was letting it get the better of me. It came in at around the moment right before I started getting really upset because this was when I allowed myself to think that I wasn’t going to be able to get the job done.

This was the claim that insecurity had on me and since I was exhibiting some other behaviors as well, he decided to bring some friends with him.

Anger, anxiety, work-a-holism, and isolation also got a foothold on me.

While I went around for a few hours feeling really anxious, insecure, angry, work-obsessed, and isolated and wondering why, I finally decided to test my spirit to see what was going on.

As I’ve said before, I use the gift of spiritual discernment to ‘test my spirit,’ which means I ask the Holy Spirit to help me to figure out if I have any unwanted visitors.

I got confirmation that ‘yes’ I did, which is when I discovered what it was I actually had on me. Something that I’ve been using, which has been very useful in figuring out what spirits I have on me is a little cheat sheet I made from a some information on the internet regarding the different demons that exist and how they’re classed. I’m going to post my list here, so you can make use of it for yourself:


Generalized Insecurity, Rejection, Pride, Greed, Ahab Jezebel Complex, Withdrawal, Overpermissive, Too Harsh, Lying, Guilt, Distrust, Inability to Communicate, Smoking, Drinking, Instability, Agony, Passive-Aggressive Behavior, Lack of Confidence, Repression, Co-Dependency , Anti-Social Disorder, Vexation, Introversion, Inhibition, Projection, Addictions, Depression, Suicide, Emotional Instability, Intense Emotional Pain, Shame, Anxiety, Over-Compensation, Negativism, Dejection, Sadness, Crying, Work-A-Holism, Eating Disorder, Over-Sensitivity, Hysteria, Mistrust, Humiliation, Grief, Intensive Emotional Pain, Over-Protection, Overweight, Oppression, Eating disorders, Suicide, Isolation, Betrayal, Torment, Emotional Trauma, Feelings of Rejection, Phobia, Loneliness, Phobias

DEMONS OF INFIRMITY (Sub-class of Demons of Insecurity)

Schizophrenia, Dementia, Anxiety, Dread, Fear, Nervousness, Headache, Tension, Insomnia, Mental Illness, Paranoia, Voices, Death, Cancer, Aids, Disease



Witchcraft, SKEPTICISM, UNBELIEF, INDECISION, COMPROMISE, CONFUSION, INDIFFERENCE, SELF DECEPTION, SELF DELUSION, OCCULT SPIRITS, SPIRITISM SPIRITS, MIND IDOLATRY, INTELLECTUALISM, RATIONALIZATION, Fale religion, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Atheism, Fortune telling, New Age, Automatic Writing, Astrology, Hinduism, Doctrinal obsession, Legalism, Religiosity, Divination, Freemasonry, Societies

Lust, Adultery, Homosexuality, Bestiality, Covetousness, Fornication, Incest, Incubus, Succubus, Exposure, Rape, Sodomy, Frigidity, Abortion, Divorce, Perversion, Abstinence


By using this simple list, I’ve been able to identify a large number of demons I’ve had on me over the past couple weeks. It’s been extremely useful and I hope you also find it useful.

Now, although I didn’t technically commit sin when I exhibited the frustrated behaviors I mentioned earlier, it was still important that I said sorry to the Lord for being a dummy and acting like a jerk. I’m not sure if the demons would have left if I hadn’t done this, so I’m covering my bases and saying that you should always repent, even when you’re not sure if you need to.

The way this one ended is the same way it always ends — with the demons trying to convince me that they’re not leaving and me taking authority over them in Jesus’ name and forcing them out. I usually get a warm pins and needles feeling when they leave my body, but this doesn’t happen every single time.

I definitely felt a strong pins and needles sensation when insecurity came out. Maybe because it was the strong man in this situation, I don’t know.

One by one, they left and I was back to normal, PTL (Praise the Lord)!

I no longer felt all those emotions I felt earlier (anxiety, insecurity, anger etc.) and I had a sense of peace that wasn’t there before. That’s how deliverance works. If I hadn’t gone the extra step, I would had the Holy Spirit living inside me, but I would have had to share myself with unwelcome guests who clearly weren’t going to allow me to go about my day without trying to sabotage me in some way.

I’ve got more deliverance stories to tell, so check back soon.


Photo credit: ~Aphrodite / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND