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September 25th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Fortune-telling, Astrology Destroyed Her Family Says Marta From Poland

Description: Marta from Poland has an amazing testimony of getting involved in the occult and seeing her family-life disintegrate before her very eyes. She also experienced demonic oppression and sleep paralysis, but after learning how to use the name of Jesus, that all stopped. To listen, click here.


September 23rd, 2013 – The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Divorced, Suicidal, Erik Olsen Gives His Life To Jesus, Starts Basketball Ministry

Description: Erik Olsen lost a number of key investments that led to marital separation and depression, but Jesus changed all of that. To listen, click here.


September 20th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Laurie Divine, New Age, Vision Of Africa, Zombies

Description: Laurie Divine has gone to some of the most dangerous parts of Africa to spread the Gospel, but she wasn’t always a believer. To listen, click here.


September 17th, 2013 -’The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Alcoholism Is A Spiritual Problem Only Jesus Can Fix

Description: Andy Firecharger, who has a very popular channel on YouTube about following Jesus shares his testimony of fighting a war in Iraq, coming home, having PTSD and problems with Alcohol and how Jesus helped change all that. To listen, click here.


September 14th, 2013 – The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Why Yoga, Ayurveda, Acupuncture etc. Are From The Devil (And Other Stories)

Description: Christine D’Angelo shares her testimony of having gotten involved in the occult and it affecting her health terribly. To listen, click here.


August 31st, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Z and L from Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted

Description: The admins for the facebook page, ‘Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted’ came on the show to share their faith in evolution and to talk religion. To listen, click here.


August 21st, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Christopher Ball

Description: Christopher Ball is a former child actor who continues to work in the entertainment industry who, like many child actors was addicted to drugs and alcohol. He was wrongfully accused of rape, sent to jail and through heavy prayer was found not guilty by the entire jury panel. To listen, click here.


August 15th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Mike Ross

Description: Mike Ross contact me through my website wanting to give me his testimony of being delivered from demonic possession. He talks about what happened to him after a heavy drug binge. To listen, click here.


August 9th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – The Long Island Medium, Psychic Kids & Other Occult Garbage

Description: Psychics have power, but it comes from satan, so we need to be diligent in avoiding them, or risk getting defiled as well. To listen, click here.


August 2nd, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – The Biblical View On Homosexuality

Description: Discussing the pope’s recent statement on homosexuality and society’s condemnation of the Biblical worldview on homosexuality as well as on a number of issues is creating great and great tension in America. To listen, click here.


July 30th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Dr. Henry Makow

Description: Dr. Henry Makow came on the show to discuss his views on God and religion, saying he believes Judaism is a satanic cult and that religion in general is being used as a tool to further the new world order. To listen, click here.


July 26th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Managing The Male Sex Drive

Description: The church needs to discuss the issue of the male sex drive in order to better address the problems many men struggle with and deal with them. A perfect opportunity for the church right now is the Anthony Weiner issue. To listen, click here.


July 12th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Trayvon Martin Case

Description:  Dissecting the reasons behind why Trayvon Martin ended up dead when he didn’t have to. It all boils down to wrong-thinking and the spirit of bitterness working through the corrupt public school system. To listen, click here.


June 28th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – James Robinson

Description: James Robinson and I went out evangelizing in White Plains, New York and had a blast asking the Lord to heal people of various infirmities and injuries and bring the Gospel to the masses. We then went on WVOX to declare the end times harvest is here! To listen, click here.


June 25th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Brandon Castro

Description: Brandon Castro is a sixteen year old high school student who’s had many experiences with the supernatural and demons from a young age. Fortunately for him, The Lord gave him a strong, believing mother to teach him how to rebuke evil in the name of Jesus. He shares his experiences and how it’s affected his walk with God. To listen, click here.


June 18th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Peter Gamble

Description: Peter Gamble used to be addicted to marijuana and living a partying lifestyle from high school through college and afterward, but after giving up control of his life to God, his life has been drastically changed and been set on a right path spiritually, career-wise and in every conceivable way. To listen, click here.


June 8th, 2013 – The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – James Robinson

Description: My guest, James Robinson, was raised Christian by a God-fearing mother and father, but didn’t learn to truly walk in the Lord’s will until after suffering through some serious bouts with alcohol addiction, and lust and pornography. To listen, click here.


May 29th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Billy Weatherall

Description: Billy Weatherall is founder of Christ Fit Gym, a donation-only gym in Bossier City, Louisiana. He gives his testimony as to how the Lord saved him from committing suicide like so many of his brothers in the army as well as how the Lord called him to the gym ministry. To listen, click here.


May 9th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Lawrence Vetere

Description: Lawrence Vetere was a heroin addict who used to live his life in and out of jail until he had a supernatural encounter with God that changed his life. He’s also had prophetic dreams, including one dream where he had a premonition about 9/11. To listen, click here.


April 12th, 2013 – The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Pat Dipalma

Description: Pat Dipalma is a Christian man who, after years spent away from God and then finding God again, meets the woman of his life, the one God made for him. He shares some interesting perspectives on how he and his wife met and what Christians need to do in order to meet the one God has for them. To listen, click here.


March 7th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie ‘ – Tony Laurent (Part III)

Description: Evangelist, Intercessor Tony Laurent joins us on the show from Domenica to discuss End Time prophecy that’s coming to pass, the rapture, and other prophetic signs of the times. To listen, click here.


February 25th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Tony Laurent (Part II)

Description: Evangelist, Intercessor, Prayer Warrior Tony Laurent from the island of Dominica joins us again to discuss in further detail the new anointing, the Apostolic church, deliverance, spiritual warfare and more. He discusses the difference between seeking God’s face and regular prayer. To listen, click here.


February 24th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Tony Laurent (Part I)

Description: Evangelist, Intercessor Tony Laurent from the island of Dominica joins us on the show to discuss his experiences with deliverance and spiritual warfare. He talks about hearing the thundery voice of God and seeing demons flee from him as well as how his walk with God has completely transformed his life. To listen, click here.


February 17th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Pastor David Fields

Description: Pastor David Fields from Grace Faith Assembly in Danbury, Connecticut sharing his testimony of how speaking in tongues completely transformed his walk with God. He gives some tips as to how he uses it as well as how to do it. To listen, click here.


February 9th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Michael Sherlock

Description: Michael Sherlock is author of the book, ‘I Am Christ’ in which he calls into question everything we know to be true about the Christian faith, including the historicity of Jesus Christ himself. In this interview, Mike and I go back and forth regarding some of the common arguments against Christianity as well as why he feels the way he does about religion in general. To listen, click here.


February 8th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Jessica Gonzales

Description: Jessica Gonzales was a former cutter who was heavily involved in grunge music, which eventually opened the door to an interest in the occult, santeria and witchcraft. She would end up carving the pentagram into her flesh and almost taking her life at the age of 14, all due to the spiritual influences behind the music she listened to, coupled with the anger and rebellion she had toward her father. To listen, click here.


January 29th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Kevin Fisher

Description: Kevin Fisher of answers some common questions about Ron Wyatt and the legitimacy of his claims, giving specific details as to how exactly Ron went about finding Noah’s Ark, the site of Sodom and Gomorrah, the path of the Red Sea crossing, the Ark of the Covenant and the very blood of Jesus Christ. To listen, click here.


January 24th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Defeating Insecurity

Description: The divisiveness in the country right now between right-left, Democratic-Republican, conservative, liberal, and even within the church between sects who are more liberal versus others who are more conservative has all been brought about by sin and deception. In either case, you’ve got the breaking of covenant law, ‘thou shalt not steal’ on the part of liberals and ‘thou shalt not covet’ on the part of conservatives that have let in spirits of insecurity, envy, pride, and betrayal, resulting in the destruction of America. To listen, click here.


January 23rd, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Rise Up, Church

Description: Why is the church so weak in proclaiming the true Gospel message? In situations where we can easily come in and through prayer, combat the spiritual enemies that are sowing destruction in various regions of the world, through religions like Islam, for example, we are instead remaining complacent and too mired in the concerns of the world to say anything remotely controversial. The church is in desperate need of asking for the in-filling of the Holy Spirit to direct its paths once again. To listen, click here.


January 22nd, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Israel In Trouble

Description: With President Obama firm in his desire to return Israel back to its 1967 borders, and newly re-elected Bibi Netanyahu firm in his resolve to avoid that from happening at all costs, we’re seeing some Biblical significant events transpire that indicate that we truly are in the End Times. This situation mimics the underlying spiritual reality as good vs. evil battle it out in the heavenlies over God’s land. To listen, click here.


January 21st, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Message For Watchmen

Description: The Lord showed me that there are a lot of watchmen out there who are thinking that they’re following him, but who are actually not in his will because they don’t seek him enough and/or because they have unrepentant sin on their life. This is a message to everyone in the Body of Christ, including watchmen that they need to repent and make sure the Holy Spirit is leading them every step of the way. To listen, click here.


January 18th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Better Than Gun Control

Description: While the nation discusses gun control and the president moves unilaterally by executive order to supposedly ‘fix the problem’ the real truth is that mass murder and murder in general are spiritual problems that originate from real spiritual influences we call ‘demons.’ There is a demon of murder and we, as Christians, need to pray to bind these spirits in Jesus’ name. To listen, click here.


January 16th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Angie Kiesling

Description: Angie Kiesling, Christian author and publisher joins us on the show. She’s author of the book, ‘Where Have All The Good Men Gone?’, ‘Jaded,’ and other Christian titles. She’s also someone who knows what it’s like being a single Christian looking for a Godly man. We discuss some of the societal issues that are impacting Christian dating in general and some things Christians need to do in order to find the right person God has for us. To listen, click here.


January 9th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Josh Nass

Description: Josh Nass is a young conservative talk radio show host who’s leading the charge to bring conservative ideas to college campuses everywhere. He shares his views on why the Republican party lost the election, his stance on social issues, the state of talk radio and how his faith informs his conservative view on politics. To listen, click here.


January 7th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Concrete Proof Jesus Is Lord

Description: I’ve stumbled upon the works of Ron Wyatt, which to me, are incontrovertible evidence that Jesus Christ is Lord. If you look at the fact that Jesus’ dried blood was found on the ‘Mercy Seat’ of the Ark of the Covenant, was examined in a lab to contain 24 chromosomes, and that the Ark was found right where Jeremiah left it, underneath where Jesus Christ was crucified, you’re forced to conclude that Jesus Christ is Lord. To listen, click here.


January 4th, 2013 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest John Ramirez

Description: John is a former satanist who used to go to ‘demon church’ since he was 10 years old. He was a spiritual hit-man for the devil, an evangelist for the dark side, but praise God, now he’s an evangelist for Jesus Christ and is giving his powerful testimony at New Age conventions, high schools, and all over T.V. and radio. To listen, click here.


January 2nd, 2013 – The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie – Guest Kevin Annett

Description: Kevin Annett is a former minister of the United Church of Canada who is now involved in a lawsuit against the church and state in Canada over the mistreatment of Native Americans attending Indian residential schools. There’s a great deal of evidence showing how children and adults have been brutalized and mistreated by members of the Catholic Church, Anglican Church, and the Canadian government and how these entities have been working together to keep this information out of the public sphere. To listen, click here.


December 28th, 2012 – The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie – Demonic Influence-peddling

Description: I’ve gone through a lot of self-deliverance recently, which has awakened me to the fact that a lot of the people we read about in the news, like that NYC Subway victim who was pushed onto the tracks, the Connecticut school shooter, and others are really under demonic influence. This is why they do things that make no sense in the physical. To listen, click here.


December 14th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Senseless Shootings

Description: Today, a gunman killed innocent children and teachers in a Connecticut Elementary School. This is the latest in a string of senseless shootings all across the United States. Do we need stricter gun laws, or more mental health programs, or do we need to pray against spiritual wickedness is high places? To listen, click here.


December 10th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Say No To Insecurity

Description: The U.S.A. has becomes a nation of cowards because we no longer believe that we can do anything. We’ve lost our faith, both in ourselves and in God. This is why we seek to extort from the rich. This is what the whole ‘Fiscal Cliff’ debate is all about. But the fact is, there is no such thing as “advantaged,” only hard-workers who have faith in God and their God-given abilities. To listen, click here.


December 5th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie – Assault On Christmas

Description: Numerous assaults on Christmas have been launched by atheist groups under the guise of separation of church and state. What these groups don’t realize is they have Christianity to thank for their religious freedom. Atheists have shown that they’re not interested in a free market of religious ideas and actively single out Christians over every other faith. To listen, click here.


December 3rd, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Chris White

Description: Chris White discusses sleep paralysis, what it is and how to get rid of it. We compare notes as to what happened to each of us during our episodes and what it means. To listen, click here.


November 29th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie – NDE Evidence

Description: At a certain point, ‘anecdotal evidence’ becomes scientific evidence when enough people are interviewed and that is what we have with NDE (Near Death Experience) phenomena. Regardless of cultural upbringings, age, or even blindness, all people describe the exact same experience after having an NDE. To listen, click here.


November 27th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie – Me Bitter

Description: I got ambushed last night during my radio broadcast by the demonic, who completely overran my house. It was unexpected and something I have never encountered before. Today, I realized that I let it in by my opening the door to bitterness. I also give my rundown of the latest news stories. To listen, click here.


November 26th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Thoughts On Atheism

Description: After making good on a promise to Seth Andrews to look into the science supporting evolution, I’m even more convicted that God exists. What evolutionists won’t tell you is that there is a lot of science supporting creation and that a lot of the underlying assumptions of evolution are not scientific at all and are based on their atheistic worldview. I also discuss the fiscal cliff and America’s moral problems. To listen, click here.


November 23rd, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Seth Andews

Description: Seth Andrews of ‘The Thinking Atheist’ ( came on the show to discuss his Christian upbringing, and how, over time and little by little, he realized he was an atheist. He discusses some of his beliefs and perspectives on various topics like Noah’s flood, the supernatural, and his view on the human genome project. To listen, click here.


November 21st, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Real Preparedness

Description: I was surprised to see an article on Alex Jones’ from Natural News’ Mike Adams saying that you can get spiritually prepared through changing your behavior and doing good things for others. It’s all part of the New Age deception that the enemy is using to deceive many people and believers away from the truth. Don’t believe in salvation that neglects to mention Jesus Christ. To listen, click here.


November 19th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Me, Jonah, and Lust

Description: The Lord told me not to go to Chile and that I was acting like Jonah. He wants me to stay here and tell people my testimony, so that’s what I”m going to do. Bad news, I sinned. I let lust back into my life. Fortunately, I discovered it within a few hours and asked the Lord to deliver me of it, which he did. Thank you Lord! To listen, click here.


November 15th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Why Obama Won

Description: After interviewing some native New Yorkers regarding why they voted for Obama, I came away thinking that there are too many professing Christians who fail to understand, or apply the full Gospel message to their lives. I say this because if they did, they would be putting their faith in God to provide for them instead of the government. It shows me that there are too many self-defeated Americans out there who don’t have faith of any kind, either in themselves, or God. But this has been the fault of Christians and conservatives who have failed to evangelize and share the Gospel with others. To listen, click here.


November 14th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Goat Nation USA

Description: I read the news headlines and it becomes more and more clear to me that the US is under God’s judgement as a goat nation. The sad part is we used to be a sheep nation and receiving blessings from the Lord. Our relationship with the Lord is what had allowed us to become the most prosperous nation on earth, the shining city on a hill, hope of the earth. If we don’t earnestly pray for repentance, this country will continue to devolve and turn into a second rate country like all the rest of them. To listen, click here.


November 13th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Persecution

Description: ‘Christians are being slaughtered around the world in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia while Christians in America fall into a deep spiritual slumber’ should be the headline of the past decade, concerning the body of Christ on earth. We need to wake up and start carrying our cross, even though it may make us less popular and liked. Our duty is to spread the truth of the Gospel message, no matter what. To listen, click here.


November 12th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – 100% Spirit-Led Show

Description: I allow the Holy Spirit to dictate the direction of the show with no preparation whatsoever. I cover a recent testimony I heard by Ken Peters called ‘I saw the Tribulation’ and how to stay righteous by guarding yourself against lust. I also pray for unity among Christians, as well as one new man, meaning the Jews, Muslims and Christians coming together as one body of Christ. To listen, click here.


November 7th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Truth Spoken In Love

Description: Our failure to beat Obama stems from our lack of discernment and prayer, first and foremost, but also because we’ve failed as conservatives and Christians to speak the truth in love to others. If we were more diligent in bringing people over to our side, this whole thing would have turned out differently. God’s judgement is fully upon us now and we need more than ever to repent, come into relationship with the Lord, and win souls for Jesus because there’s nothing else left. To listen, click here.


November 5th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Election 2012

Description: As we gear up for the election tomorrow, let’s remember that it really doesn’t matter who gets elected. This nation is under judgement for spiritual reasons. Until we get right with God, nothing will change. As a matter, things will likely get worse. We need to pray for the U.S. if things are ever going to get better. To listen, click here.


November 2nd, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Generation XXX

Description: If my own upbringing is any indication, my whole generation is totally debauched. We grew up with quick and easy access to internet pornography and dirty magazines by the dozen. In college, we prostituted ourselves like it was going out style and now we expect to have normal relationships? This has caused such a rift between men and women in today’s society that women have lost their respect for men and instead compete with them rather than try to support and compliment them. This has exacerbated the problem and now we live in a society of declining marriage rates, increasing divorce rates, and an almost negative birth rate. To listen, click here.


November 1st, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Revive the U.S.A.

Description: I describe God’s likely list of grievances with the U.S.A. and  how to pray for our nation so that we can live to fight another day rather than all be destroyed in a catastrophic blaze of demonic glee. To listen, click here.


October 31st, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Halloween Is Evil

Description: If you look into the occult origins, it will seriously disturb you. Halloween is a pagan high holiday and why we even celebrate it is beyond me. We need to protect our children, who don’t know any better, through prayer and over the long term, ensure they understand these origins as well. I also discuss Hurricane Sandy and whether it may have been a divine warning to the United States. To listen, click here.


October 22nd, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Women’s Vote

Description: According to President Obama, he’s got the women’s vote locked up, but all of us thinking beings know that this is false. For that to be true, a woman’s choice to kill an unborn child would have to be more important than her desire to acquire and possess material wealth in order to support a family. We all know that the power of love and life is more powerful than death, and that God hates abortion, so we can rest in the knowledge that Obama does not have the women’s vote. To listen, click here.


October 10th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Fernando Bermudez

Description: After multiple appeals over the course of 18 years that failed to win him his freedom, Fernando Bermudez was finally able to overturn his case and walk out of prison an innocent man. Throughout the entire ordeal, he relied on none other than the Lord Jesus to deliver him from a wrongful murder conviction. Today, he travels the country giving his testimony of hope and what it means to follow God’s calling, despite the most dire of circumstances. To listen, click here.


October 9th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Joe Cohen

Description: Joe Cohen, raised Jewish, came to the know the Lord after a series of unfortunate events involving heavy drug use, alcoholism, bouts of depression and even suicide. After realizing that everything the world told him would make him happy wasn’t helping him to find meaning in his life, he asked the Lord to reveal the truth to him about whether the Messiah Jesus was real. To listen, click here.


October 8th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Erica Lopez

Description: Erica Lopez’s son Eli was almost deaf in his right ear and doctors said soon to be deaf in his left. She had two options. Either have a ninth surgery on her son’s right ear, or trust in the Lord to heal her son 100%. She chose option two and took a cross-country trip to California, where she eventually relocated and took her son to a spirit-filled church where prayer warriors laid hands on her son, healing him in Jesus’ name. To listen, click here.


October 5th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Body of Christ News

Description: I was checking some of the things going on in the body of Christ and I found some interesting ministries (e.g. shield of the son on YouTube, and Glynda Lomax on Also, I will be having a trio of guests this coming  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday whose testimonies are truly amazing. To listen, click here.


October 3rd, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Abortion Is Not Okay

Description: With the presidential debates tonight, we can expect President Obama to go on the offensive saying Mitt Romney is anti-women because of his stance on abortion and contraception, but the real truth is he’s only trying to deceive Americans as to what the real problems are. Abortion is wrong because ultimately it’s murder, period. To listen, click here.


October 2nd, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Top 7 Prayers

Description: Sometimes, you just need to pray, so that’s what this show is all about. I give my opinion on the top seven prayers the body of Christ needs to be praying right now in order to combat the enormous evil that is threatening to engulf the world. I also give some personal experiences of doing prayer intercession and how the enemy tries to finagle its way into your life. To listen, click here.


October 1st, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Sex with Ghosts

Description: Kesha told Ryan Seacrest that she had sex with a ghost. Everyone in internet-land is tweeting and retweeting it. People may think it’s cute, but it’s really from the demonic. I know because I had a spiritual wife hanging over my life for seventeen years until I broke the soul tie between us and renounced the relationship. Prior to that, I would have many dreams and forget dreams, real sex experiences with this spirit. Little did I know it was wrecking my life and relationships with women without me knowing it. This is a serious issue Christians and non-Christians need to discuss. To listen, click here.


September 28th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Progressive Christianity

Description: So-called Progressive Christianity is not unlike Progressive thinking in general, amounting to a watering down of the truth. This issue is something that is eating away at the Church of Christ and something that we need to deal with and dispel instead of worrying about offending people. The Word says this world will hate us for believing in the Lord Jesus and those words have been true throughout history. Instead of running from this and watering down the Gospel so it appeals to the masses, we need to stand strong and proudly proclaim the truth and that includes the more controversial parts of the Bible, such as heaven, hell, demons, spiritual gifts, judgement, righteousness etc. To listen, click here.


September 27th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – My Ex-Spiritual Wife

Description: I had no clue I was being demonically oppressed by a spiritual wife. I didn’t even know what a spiritual wife was until today. The Lord revealed to me that the reason I’ve been such a loner and had so many problems with the opposite sex and relationships is because of a spiritual wife, who I was already betrothed to in the spirit realm. Apparently, she cursed this area of my life so as to be the only one who could have me. This is very real and something I think is at the heart of not just marital discord, but relationship issues of every kind. To listen, click here.


September 25th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Elijah Spirit is Here

Description: Update to my sentiment regarding having another year to evangelize; it may be less than a year if certain others in the body of Christ are right about the imminent threat of nuclear war quickly becoming a reality as the situation between Israel and Iran heats up. Also, Augusto Maquengo has had visions of the Elijah spirit, one of the two witnesses written about in scripture, being none other than Dr. David Owour. If this is true, the evidence is mounting that we have only a little while to go. To listen, click here.


September 24th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – How to Evangelize

Description: Great message at church last Sunday about combining the supernatural works of Christ: healings, deliverance, miracles, prophesy etc. with the Gospel message to bring people to the Lord. Most people are not going to be swayed by one or the other, they have to be combined. I believe the tarrying of the Lord to come for His bride is because we have more work to do to bring others to Christ. We urgently need to start walking in the spirit and going out in teams to bring this about. To listen, click here.


September 19th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Bill Nugent

Description: Two hour special featuring discussion of why the Rapture hasn’t happened yet despite all signs pointing to that eventuality, with the second hour devoted to an interview with guest, Bill Nugent, internet evangelist, ordained minister and Christian apologist, explaining why evolution is not even worth calling a theory, it’s a hypothesis at best. He gives his top five reasons why we should refute evolution using scientific evidence and gives his thoughts on why it continues to be taught in schools despite what many are now calling the overwhelming evidence disproving it, among which are many creationist scientists who put their careers on the line in order to get this truth out. To listen, click here.


September 17th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Rosh Hashanah Rapture

Description: A lot of indicators point to the fact that the Rapture may very well occur this Rosh Hashanah. This is based on Biblical evidence showing that there have been great moves of God on each of the feast days. For example, the first feast of Passover correlates to the Lord Jesus’ death on the cross. This is why the Lord is the lamb of God, a reference to the Passover feast. If we follow this line of thinking, Rosh Hashanah being the next feast day yet to be fulfilled should line up with the next move of God, set to be the Rapture of the church, or bride of Christ for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. To listen, click here.


September 14th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Syria and End Times

Description: In Syria, U.S. Embassador Christ Stevens was just murdered along with 4 other Americans. If that weren’t bad enough, there are uprisings all over the Middle-East protesting U.S. involvement in the Middle East. That hostility is more and more being aimed toward Israel as well, since they are our strongest ally. The stage is set for everything in the book of Revelations to occur, yet no one talks about it. Not politicians, not journalist, not even church leaders. Why is it that no one takes a good hard look at the world stage and draws obvious conclusions regarding how close we are to the end? To listen, click here.


September 12th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest Eduardo Perez

Description: Eduardo Perez was raised in an occult family. He shares his experiences as a high school student who used to sacrifice animals to demon spirits to receive special powers of influence over others. His father was a high priest in Santeria witchcraft and his mother was a medium spiritist, but after having an encounter with the Lord, all that changed and not only Eduardo, but his entire family is delivered, following Jesus and walking in God’s will. He is now studying theology at Liberty University and starting a ministry to help others get rid of idols and other witchcraft paraphernalia. To listen, click here.


September 11th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Soul Wounds

Description: Soul wounds, we all have them. Growing up, it’s hard to avoid them. The hurt that we go through in life either from own actions, or someone else’s, cause us to get soul wounds that affect the health and well-being of our physical bodies. Everything is connected, body, soul, and spirit so unless we pray first for repentance, then for God to heal our soul wounds, which are left behind from the sin that eats away at our souls, we will continue to experience the ill effects. To listen, click here.


September 10th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Pray, pray, pray

Description: These are the days that the body of Christ needs to pray without ceasing. Our country is going through tremendous struggles because of our collective removing God from our hearts and our vernacular. We need to pray for our country, its leaders, our media personnel, and everyone as well as for the Christians who are being deceived by the new age spiritualism present in yoga, reiki energy healing, psychic healings and other occult practices. We need to pray daily for the body of Christ so that we remain righteous and without blemish for the soon coming of the Lord. To listen, click here.


September 7th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – New age lies

Description: The New age is deception from the enemy. It’s an amalgam of occult practices like tarot card reading, horoscopes, the quija board, spirit guides and other demonically-inspired activities. It attempts to use the spirit realm in much the same way the pagans of old did, who used to make blood covenants with the devil for earthly riches. It’s also clear that it’s the one world religion spoke about in Revelations due to its morally relativist philosophies and the notion that there is no death, and no judgement, which are contrary to scripture. It’s really hte enemy trying to damn our soul, plain and simple. To listen, click here.


September 6th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Ungodly Covenants

Description: In the spiritual realm, whenever we make an agreement or take an oath, we are making a covenant between two consenting parties. Since we are part spirit, every agreement we make has spiritual, eternal ramifications. This is why it’s crucial that we examine what unspoken as well as spoken agreements we’re making by doing things like getting tattoos, putting our faith in false religions, taking a fraternity oath, or with a secret society, and lusting after others, since God equates it with adultery in the heart and it takes the God-sanctioned covenant of marriage and completely defiles it. To listen, click here.


September 5th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Sin is wrong

Description: My explanation of what sin is and why it’s wrong. In order to avoid it, we need to understand why it’s wrong. And the reason why it’s wrong is because God says so, and it leads to death and desolation in this life as well as the next. The Bible says the wages of sin is death. In order to take it seriously and not take a lackadaisical approach to it, like the Catholic Church does, we need to really examine what the Word of God says. To listen, click here.


September 4th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Holy People

Description: God is coming back for a Holy people. Getting ‘saved’ isn’t enough. Not that grace isn’t sufficient because it is, but that we need to be staying pure and holy until the bitter end. It’s an endurance test at this point. If it wasn’t so, the Bible wouldn’t warn us to be wary of the enemy who walks about seeking whom he may devour. Christians are especially susceptible to the wiles of the devil, much more so than non-Christians who don’t know God. To listen, click here.


September 3rd, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – satan’s plan

Description: After committing sin this past Thursday, God lifted my hedge of protection and let the enemy almost kill me. This was God’s way of waking me up to the fact that I needed to repent urgently. satan used the sin of pride to bring me down. After I repented, I noticed the same thing happening to the leaders in my church! The Lord let me see for the first time the word, ‘Pride’ superimposed over each member of my church’s leadership team. As a church, we need to pray to God to protect the bride and the church congregations in these last moments before the Rapture. To listen, click here.


August 30th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Rapture of the 144,000

Description: The Lord asked me to discuss the Rapture of the 144,000. There are literally dozens and dozens of people who are having Rapture dreams in these End Times, so if we’re being honest with ourselves, this is something that deserves our attention. Fact is, the Rapture is extremely soon and once it happens, there’s going to be a media frenzy trying to explain away the possibility that it was Jesus Christ who came back for His bride. If you get left behind, don’t despair. There’s still a chance for you to be saved. It’s going to be tougher, since you’re going to have to become a martyr for Jesus, but at least you’ll have the ability to save your soul rather than having to go to hell. To listen, click here.


August 29th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – 12 Sins

Description: I’ve made a list of 12 sins that you didn’t think were sins (that will lead you to hell). I also talk about them on the show and why it’s important to repent of them immediately in order to be right with God. In light of the Lord Jesus’ imminent return, we need to prepare and urgently seek His face. This is the message many in the body of Christ are getting, so I wouldn’t write it off if I were you. To listen, click here.


August 28th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – My Beef with Hillsong

Description: After attending service at Hillsong NYC and discerning the demonic right there in the theater, I knew something was not right with Hillsong. After praying on it and asking the Lord, he revealed to me the issues He has with Hillsong. The Lord wanted me to do a show on the subject and highlight some of the problems with the Hillsong model, if you will, specifically touching on their style of worship, their preaching and some of their doctrine. This goes to show you that churches not just can be, but often are inhabited by demons, who work feverishly to corrupt and destroy God’s work. To listen, click here.


August 27th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – World’s Last Chance

Description: I ran across a video series on YouTube called ‘World’s Last Chance‘ and I found a lot of it to be accurate predictions of what will happen when the 7 trumpets of Revelation are sounded and the Lord pours out his wrath on all humanity for our collective sin. The only things that I think the maker of these films gets wrong is that there’s no mention of the Rapture, and they get the mark of the beast wrong. But mostly everything else I think is on target. Very thought-provoking. To listen, click here.


August 23rd, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Masturbation Not Sin

Description: The church is silent on this crucial issue for singles and young people everywhere, except to say that it’s a sin and that’s that. Unfortunately, it’s not so cut and dry since the Bible doesn’t specifically condemn it. While some say there are verses that apply to masturbation without addressing it directly, I think this is reaching and that our focus should be to do God’s will first and foremost. If we understand masturbation to be the biological urge that it is and learn to make a distinction between sexual attraction toward someone and lusting, then we can begin to have a more realistic dialogue about this important topic. To listen, click here.


August 22nd, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Sex and Lust

Description: Commentary on lust and sexual relations between men and women in this country from my perspective, someone who has gone through what some might consider one of the most debauched periods of time in human history, the 90′s and 2000′s in high school and college. I also give some suggestions for how to live through it and still walk in God’s will, not compromising, but keeping true to God’s destiny for you, which, while dependent on the individual person, is in most cases is to pursue marriage. To listen, click here.


August 21st, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Lord Returning Soon

Description: Susan Davis was dictated a book directly from the Lord entitled, ‘Marriage Supper of the Lamb.’ It’s a free e-book she links to from her site In it, the Lord reveals how to get right with Him and that is by allowing Him to order your steps. Stop living in your own will and start living in accordance with God’s perfect will for your life. Anything else is not acceptable, it must be 100% submission to God’s will, or you will not be ready for the Lord’s return. To listen, click here.


August 20th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Madonna and Pussy Riot

Description: Recently, Madonna was fined 10.5 million dollars for promoting homosexuality at a concert in Russia. She also made statements against the Orthodox Church and spoke in favor of a female band, Pussy Riot, whose members were charged with ‘hooliganism’ after storming into a church and making a political statement regarding homosexuality. The band members were imprisoned for two years, but will this help counteract the moral damage, or will it do the exact opposite? To listen, click here.


August 16th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest: Bob Osofsky

Description: Bob Osofsky has been involved in men’s ministry for close to 30 years in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. He shares his personal testimony of how he came to know the Lord, from growing up in an atheist household to the importance of church security and how the image of Christianity, men and family have been marred by the media. He discusses where we go from here, both as a community and as a society. To listen, click here.


August 15th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Anti-family Environment

Description: America has become an anti-family environment due to radical feminism, economic policies that ship jobs overseas, and a lust-based view of sex and relationships pervasive among both men and women. We need to work to combat these factors, or we won’t have any society left, as is happening in other parts of the world, such as Japan, where the population is declining at an alarming rate. To listen, click here.


August 14th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Signs of the Times

Description: Discussion of the End Times prophecies largely being fulfilled, letters dictated by the Lord Jesus to Susan Davis, a prophetic Christian, regarding His imminent coming, and how we can prepare for the Lord’s coming through repentance, seeking His face through prayer and paying heed to various testimonies of His coming. See, and To listen, click here.


August 13th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Guest: Joe Kenner

Description: Guest, Joe Kenner, Village Trustee of the Village of Port Chester, New York, a Christian Republican and local politician offers up his thoughts on the Chick-fil-A issue and some of the other assaults on traditional Christian values. He also gives his thoughts on zoning issues and the upcoming Presidential election in November. To listen, click here.


August 6th, 2012 – ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ – Greed Destroying America

Description: Commentary on how, from the housing bubble to our broken political system to radical feminism, greed has played an integral role in completely debasing American society and that the only way to combat it is through prayer and repentance on a national level and petitioning God for mercy. To listen, click here.