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How It All Started . . .

How It All Started . . .

Rob's Testimony

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Going To War: Your Guide To Prayer Intercession

Going To War: Your Guide To Prayer Intercession

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The Perfect Pancake

I’m in a state of prayer for most if not all of the day, depending on what I’m doing. The only time I’m not is when I’m training at the gym because that’s when my mind has to be on my clients.

The other day, I got home from work and there wasn’t much to eat in the house, but I didn’t feel like going shopping, so I decided to cook.

I grabbed some pancake mix and a multigrain pizza dough that was in the refrigerator and started warming the oven. Yeah, I love carbs. I eat more carbs than anything else. I’m a carb type if you’re at all familiar with Metabolic Typing.

Anyway, I have what you might a call a unique relationship with the Lord because He’s given me the gift of spiritual discernment. I speak with Him, ask questions, and feel or sense His answers, which lets me hold a back and forth conversation with the Lord.

This feeling or sense I get in response to my prayer-talk with the Lord Jesus has been fine-tuned over the past couple years to the point where I’m pretty confident that what I’m feeling is accurate as to what the Lord is telling me.

I ask the Lord about everything. He tells me when any information I receive is deception from the enemy or the truth. It doesn’t matter if it’s something I’m reading, someone who’s talking, a video, the demonic whenever they send me a ‘suggestion’ that tries to lead me off the path, whatever it is.

Getting back to cooking, I’m not that great a cook. I can feed myself, but I’m not a gourmet chef. This might sound silly and I’m sure some Christians are going to berate me for doing this, but I pray to the Lord for everything including for my cooking.

Since cooking is really a matter of learning how heat affects food, I asked the Lord how long to let my pizza stay in the oven. When I felt the Lord tell me it was time to take the pizza out, I did. The pizza came out absolutely perfect! It was delicious and not burnt at all.

After messing up my first pancake, I decided to listen to the Lord about when to flip the pancake. I did and lo and behold, the result was the most beautiful, perfect pancake I had ever seen! It was delicious, absolutely perfect in every way and I knew that I could never recreate that pancake on my own.

So I thought I’d share a picture I took of this pancake next to the pancake I flipped on my own just to illustrate what happens when we follow our own will and what happens when we follow the Lord’s will.

Follow the Lord’s will and your pancake will look like the one in the pan! 


The Lord’s perfect pancake vs. my crumbly pancake mess sitting on the plate.


Holiness: How To Secure Your Salvation | The Lord wants me to discuss how to stay holy or clean, that is free of sin, so I am going to break it down for you according to what the Lord is telling me.

Understand that everything I’m saying here is information that I’ve prayed about and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal. I know when something is a lie. This is the gift of discernment given to me by the Lord. I don’t know how else to explain it. However, I urge you to pray about it yourself and ask God to confirm anything I’m saying.

Once Saved Always Saved?


After examining a doctrine called, ‘Once Saved Always Saved,’ I’ve determined that it’s a lie, but it depends on how you look at it.

If you think you can get saved, but continue in your sin, never really making Jesus Lord of your life, die, go to judgement and expect that the Lord is going to clear you of your sin because you believe in Jesus, then I’ve got bad news for you. The Lord will expedite you to hell as soon as you’re tried and convicted of whatever sins you’ve committed.

As the Word says, even the demons believe in God and tremble. And if you want a coordinating scripture, here’s one: “Why do you call me Lord, but do not do what I say.”

However, if your view is that once you’re saved, meaning you make Jesus Lord of your life, handing over your life to Him 100%, striving to live holy and in His will at all times, and somewhere along the road you happen to sin, it becomes another matter altogether.

In this scenario, theoretically, if you did not repent and you died in your sin, you would still go to hell. But if you’re really living your life for the Lord and striving to be in His will every day, the Lord would move heaven and earth to bring you to repentance. He would send messages upon messages to you through the Holy Spirit, through circumstances and other people in order to help you to repent as soon as possible.

To a certain extent, the Lord would work everything out so that even your slip-up would be made part of His larger plan. This is the distinct feeling I got after going through the pride issue only a few days ago.

In this sense, the following scripture truly is accurate: “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”

Backslidden Christians


But in the case that we don’t repent and we consistently ignore God’s calls to repentance, then we really are putting our souls in danger. This is the scenario of the backslidden Christian.

These are Christians who know the truth, but thoughtlessly commit sin anyway, and don’t seek the Lord, strive to do His will, or pray to Him daily. The reason they’ve become “backslidden” is because they don’t do the things that would allow them to hear God’s calls to repentance. They’re too distracted with T.V., listening to their ipods, or worldly endeavors.

This is why the enemy has been working so hard to create this A.D.D. society that we live in. The mere fact that we live in such a society alone makes it close to impossible to come into real relationship with God. Whenever we finally get the time to think critically about the world around us, we’re interrupted with work or running from here to there.

Now, don’t think you’re all high and mighty just because you pray daily and seek the Lord. Any one of us can become backslidden. I myself became backslidden even after praying and seeking the Lord daily. As I said before, if I died in that state, I would have gone to hell. The enemy, knowing this, was already way ahead of me.

Securing Your Salvation 


Yes, we are saved by grace so that no one may boast. It’s a free gift of salvation through the blood of the lamb, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. It’s not something that we can ever work for and receive.

But this doesn’t mean that we’re not in danger of being led astray. There’s a reason why the Bible says, “Continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” This is because the enemy specifically targets the body of Christ in order to wreck God’s plan of salvation for humanity. This is what your church doesn’t tell you.

The Word says, “Your adversary, the devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour.” This is true and I experience this on a daily basis. Demonic spirits are constantly trying to deceive and manipulate me into committing sin. I have to check my thoughts constantly. This is where discernment comes in handy, but as I’ve demonstrated, I’m not immune. The only one standing in the way of the enemy completely wrecking my salvation is the Lord Jesus.

Here’s the thing. The Lord requires your participation. This is where the personal relationship comes in. The Lord needs you to carry out His will. In my case, He wants me to rebuke the demonic in Jesus’ name, do prayer intercession, use discernment to identify the enemy’s schemes and generally allow the Holy Spirit to work through me. The Lord wants us all to play an active role. Of course, that role will differ from person to person.

To be a willing vessel, though, we have to humble ourselves enough so that the Holy Spirit can use us. 100% submission to the Lord is what is required.

Tips for staying holy


1. Remain in full submission to God’s will, understanding that God’s will is perfect and that He has plans to prosper us and not to hurt us


We do this by reaffirming our relationship with God on a daily basis. We might say, “Thank you Lord. I belong to you Father. I ask that you use me to do your will. I ask that the Holy Spirit come into my life 100% and direct my paths.” I find that mornings are a great time. I also use this time to ask the Lord what His will is on that particular day.

2. Take a daily inventory of any sins you may have committed unknowingly


Demons are the accusers of God’s people, so be aware that they don’t want you praying any type of prayers attempting to identify sin that is not yet repented of. They will use the opportunity to try to make you feel even more guilty, or deceive you in some way in order to lead you off the path. This is why it’s crucial to get used to spending time with God and learning to discern His voice. You don’t want to mix up His voice with some demon’s voice. The last thing a demon wants is for you to repent and be saved.

3. Take every thought captive 


The Bible says to take every thought captive. If it weren’t for the fact that we are under constant attack by the enemy to get us to slip-up, this wouldn’t be necessary, but unfortunately, it is. Get used to saying, ‘The Lord rebuke you’ a lot because some, not all, but some thoughts come from the demonic. It’s a fact of life. Pray for discernment so that you can know the difference.

4. Put on the whole armor of God


The Ephesians 6 armor is real. The helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, sandals of peace, shield of faith, belt of truth, and the sword of the spirit, which is God’s Word, all make up the armor. Speak it aloud. Say, “I put on the . . .” and make sure your all suited up, especially if you’re going to do prayer intercession because lately I’ve been getting some pretty nasty spiritual wounds, even with the armor on.

5. Repent and then repent some more


Just be in a constant state of repentance. Make sure this is real, heartfelt repentance, though. Once you repent, ask God if He accepted your apology. If He tells you you’re forgiven, then it’s fine, but He may not forgive you if you don’t really understand why what you did was wrong. If you’re unsure, ask God to tell you why, then repent.


As Jonathan Kleck says, ‘This is It


We are in last moments before the Rapture and you don’t want to stay for the Tribulation because it’s going to end in you becoming a martyr or dying a gruesome death. If you do end up staying, at least make sure you repent and save your soul before you die.





Pride: satan’s End-Time Strategy|satan’s goal is to hide the Rapture from view. Once the Rapture happens, many people are, for the first time, going to physically see God’s glory. If entire churches are Raptured simultaneously, this is a much stronger testimony for Jesus than if there is a smattering of people here and there. His plan is a two-pronged attack. Firstly, he is coming against church congregations. He is doing this to ensure that there isn’t a high concentration of Raptured believers in any one church because this would make his task of deceiving others as to what really occurred much more difficult. He knows that right after the Rapture, the Christians who’ve been left behind are going to be shouting from the roof-tops that the Rapture has occurred. He wants to silence and discredit these people as quickly and easily as possible. He is also coming against the bride of Christ itself. These are the 144,000 sealed who belong to the Lord. satan would like nothing more than to smear and stain them right before they are set to be taken by the Lord. He won’t succeed, but he is trying very hard.

How do I know this?

When I went to church this morning, I noticed that the spiritual atmosphere was completely changed. My church was totally overrun by the demonic. They were all over the place and not only that, practically everyone I saw going to service had a demonic influence on them. I knew that my church was in grave danger, so I immediately headed downstairs into an empty room, shut the door and started doing prayer intercession for the church leaders, the congregation and that satan’s plans to wreck God’s people would fail. I got on my knees, raised my hands in the air, prayed in tongues, and petitioned God to intervene on behalf of my church and on behalf of other churches across America who were also under attack. As I prayed, demons started manifesting in the room, tried to afflict me with sickness, and tried to push my arms down. I prayed for about twenty to thirty minutes until I felt the Holy Spirit tell me the battle was over and had been won for the moment. When I went back upstairs to the sanctuary, I could sense that the demonic was gone, but that the church leaders still had demonic influences on them. The Head Pastor, the Pastor underneath him and the Youth Pastor all had demonic influences on them. And for the first time, the Holy Spirit was allowing me to see what spiritual influences they were. When I looked at all three of these leaders, in the spirit, I saw the word, ‘Pride’ superimposed over them. The Lord let me know that I should pray for them that they would repent. Despite this, however, I noticed that the message was on target and that they had been listening to the Holy Spirit for what to preach. The message was about ‘endurance’ and that Jesus was coming soon so we all needed to stay pure until the very end. I also started searching for things that the Lord might not like that are going on inside the church. So far, I’ve discerned that the jewelry that was being sold downstairs along with different Christian CD’s on display had a spiritual influence on them that was not of God. The passage in the Bible that says we should not buy or sell on the Sabbath flashed across my mind. Now, I’ve never before had the experience of the demonic completely invading my church like this, so needless to say it was extremely alarming, but also goes to show how close we really are.

My brush with ‘Pride’ 

Everything that I experienced in the church was a confirmation of what I just finished struggling with because starting this past Thursday, I had a spirit of Pride on me. I didn’t become aware of it until last night when I finally understood what happened, repented and was forgiven, thank God. So when I pulled in to the church parking lot this morning, I was feeling very humbled and in full realization of the fact that every one of us is highly susceptible to the enemy’s attacks. I finally understood the meaning behind the following Bible passage: “Continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.” Here’s how it happened. I went to the church on Thursday night to play frisbee. It was a lot of fun and I had just finished writing my previous blog post, ‘The Coming Rapture of the 144,000 Sealed’ so it felt good to get some exercise after sitting down for most of the day. It was right after, when I was about to leave that it happened. The scary part was that I didn’t even realize it. The Holy Spirit allowed me to identify the exact moment that I let pride into my life, so I hope you take note and learn from my mistakes. I was playing frisbee for a good hour or so when the time came for me to leave to go do my radio show. The thing was, I needed my promotional flyers from the church office, so I asked the Youth Pastor, who happened to be there if he could open up the church office to look for them for me. When I followed him into the office, while he was looking for my flyers, I noticed that he had a spirit on him, and because I just wrote a blog post, “12 Sins That You Didn’t Think Were Sins (That Lead You To Hell),” and happened to know that he had a tattoo, I thought that might be the reason why. So I said, “Have you prayed about your tattoo?” And he said, “Yeah, why? I did a whole theological exegesis on it.” After he said this, he gave me a weird look and I just said, “I don’t know, I just felt like I should ask.” He found my flyers, handed them to me, and we parted ways. That’s when it happened. And this is the scariest part because I didn’t see it coming. When I got in my car and drove off, a demon whispered to me: “That Youth Pastor went to fancy Seminary and he doesn’t even know that he has a spirit on him. He thinks he’s such a great Christian. I’m a better Christian than he is” (demons try to make you believe that the thoughts come from you, but they don’t). My spirit took this thought in, pondered it for a split-second and nodded in agreement. Once I believed this lie in my heart, I was from that moment in bondage to ‘Pride.’ It happened so fast that my rational mind didn’t even fully comprehend what happened. It was a sneak attack when I was least expecting it.

My Deliverance

All of Friday and Saturday, I came down with what I thought was a bad bug or something because I felt really ill. I couldn’t sleep at night and while I was at work training clients at the gym, I was feeling physically debilitated. The enemy is smart. He knew Thursday night would be the perfect time to hit me because I work Friday evening and Saturday from 7 AM to 7 PM. They would have more time to try to wear me down, or even kill me if I was being distracted by work. And in the few moments that I did have time to pray and reflect, they made sure to give me no peace and to distract me at every turn so I couldn’t fully realize what was going on. I could sense whenever I was home that the demonic was literally stalking me outside my house. From above and below, they had cut me off from God, but not completely. I started doing intercession to make them leave, but it wasn’t working like it was before. In my spiritually tainted state, my prayers were not as strong. They did work somewhat, but the demons would always come back right away. I’m convinced that this was all a ploy to make me believe that I was in a healthy spiritual state and that God’s favor was still on me. God never turned away from me, but he was using these demons to wake me up to the fact that I was not in right-standing with Him.

They spiritually poisoned my food 

I didn’t know that demons could do this, but once again, God was using them to wake me up. The demons used spiritually poisoned food to make me sick. This was the reason that I felt ill. It was this left-over chicken that I ate that at first made me feel sick. Keep in mind, this chicken was perfectly fine, good to eat, fresh etc. Spiritually, however, it was poisoned. I couldn’t tell you how they went about doing this, but I’m sure they put a hex on it or something. They also poisoned two dozen eggs that were in my refrigerator. These were fresh eggs that were recently purchased from the supermarket. As I write this, they’re still sitting in my fridge. I have to toss them. So God let the demons touch my health, touch my food, and oppress me in new ways all for the purpose of waking me up to the fact that I needed to repent. I’m learning that this is how God works. The Bible says that when you break your hedge of protection by committing sin, you will get bitten by a snake a.k.a. demons. So God lifted my hedge of protection after Thursday night and that’s when these things started to happen. When I finally asked God why all these things were happening to me when I was supposed to be a child of God and protected from all this, He started revealing my sin to me. After doing intercession on Saturday night and breaking through the demonic that was trying to keep me in bondage, I asked God and He told me that I was guilty of ‘pride’ and that if I were to die in that state, I would go to hell.

Christians are especially vulnerable to pride

Christians need to understand that they are not better than the common man, or any other Christian. This is the sin that the Pharisees were guilty of during Jesus’ time. They thought that because they were outwardly God-fearing and church-going etc. that they were better than other people. This is wrong. We Christians need to understand that, if anything, we are MORE susceptible to sin simply because we strive to live in God’s will. The enemy has more reason to hatch schemes against us than people who don’t have the knowledge of Christ because we present a threat to them. This means that we have to be even MORE humble and understanding of the fact that any one of us can fall into sin. As long as we’re living on this earth, our souls are in danger. The enemy is crafty and is not to be underestimated. The Word says the Lord is our refuge. This is 100% correct because He protects us against the enemy. We are no match for the enemy by ourselves. This is why it’s so important to not only stay in God’s will, but to keep yourself clean from all sin. God protects us, but he still allows us to be tempted. We have to keep watch because we can succumb to it very easily. If certain words, or circumstances are put together in just the right way, we will fall. We must never forget that.

Humility is the Antidote to Pride 

The Bible says we are to humble ourselves and seek God’s face and it’s for this very reason. Every Christian should take heed of this warning. Especially as we are in the End Times and right before the Rapture. This morning, after waking up, the Lord showed me that if I had eaten any more of that spiritually contaminated food, I would have died. In other words, the enemy, once you’re in a state of sin, tries to kill you so that you go to hell. It’s hard to believe that if God didn’t alert me to the fact that I was not right with Him, since my folks are on vacation, I could have easily been on the kitchen floor, dead with my soul going to hell. But the Lord also wanted me to know that He would have given me one more chance to repent in the form of a near death experience, even if this had happened. The Lord is so good and He truly looks after us. Once we are living in the Lord’s will, we need to understand that if we do happen to stray from the path, the stakes are that much higher. We’re talking about life and death at this point. This is why it’s doubly important for us to be in the Word every day and praying to God for protection. We’re extremely close to the Rapture and it’s important that all of us are praying and asking God to stop the enemy from devouring God’s children.


Pray, pray, pray to God right now and ask Him to intervene and stop the enemy from attacking the churches and God’s people! Also pray that satan’s plan to sweep the Rapture under the rug, so to speak, ends up back-firing on him. We are so close to the end, which means we need to be petitioning God and in closer relationship with Him than ever.

12 Sins That You Didn’t Think Were Sins (That Lead You To Hell)

Rob Rennie | Ever since I’ve been called to do this ministry, I’ve been listening to various video testimonies on a daily basis. They’ve mostly been about the rapture, the end times, visitations to hell, heaven, and the need for repentance.

Whether you’re a Christian, or a nonbeliever, at some point, you have to face the fact that many people have had supernatural experiences, including visits to heaven and hell. Mary Baxter’s Divine Revelations of Heaven and Hell testimony is a popular one. So is Bill Wiese’s 23 Minutes In Hell testimony. The testimony of Angelica Zembrano, who claims she was dead for 23 hours and went to hell is another. There are countless others on YouTube that you can search for yourself if you’re so inclined.

I know some Christians who immediately dismiss these types of testimonies as fake out of hand because they say there were never any prophets, or believers in the Bible who had near-death experiences, went to hell and came back to tell about it. This is true, however, the Bible also says in the last days, God will pour out his spirit onto all mankind and “your sons and daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions” (Acts 2:17). Based on what we do know about the many supernatural accounts in Biblical text, we should not be so quick to rule these types of experiences out.

However, I happen to believe that certain testimonies are more authentic than others due to the fact that satan tries to copy everything God does and is in all likelihood concocting his own “supernatural experiences with God” that may be leading people astray. At the very least, it is a possibility that some of these testimonies are spiritually tainted. The Bible says we should always “test the spirits” (1st John 4).

We should be judging testimonies based on how well they line up with scripture, our own spiritual discernment and all the time asking for confirmation from the Holy Spirit. “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come” (John 16:13). 

Now, after listening to many testimonies, I’ve heard some things that seem outlandish to me, like wearing makeup, dancing to music, wearing contact lenses, and listening to Christian rap are all hell-worthy sins. After taking these things to the Holy Spirit, I don’t know that I agree with what these particular assertions, but I have heard others that do ring true.

I’ve created a list of 12 sins that attempt to compile what I’ve found to ring true to me and I present them to you for your consideration. If it is true that there are Christians in hell, which is what many of these testimonies claim, then that probably means we should be walking a lot closer to The Lord than we currently are. This means repenting daily and seeking God’s wisdom in our decision-making and day-to-day lives.

Before I present you with my list, I want to emphasize one point. I believe strongly that we are saved when we call upon the name of The Lord, but that this commitment comes with a cost, namely, what the Bible calls ‘taking up your cross.’ We’re asked to make sacrifices and to live holy in order to be able to be used by God (otherwise, we’re liable to fall like so many ministry leaders who’ve had adulterous affairs, or who’ve stolen money).

The Bible also talks about ‘working out our salvation with fear and trembling’ and that ‘many on that day will say, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? And in your name cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works?’ And then The Lord will say, “Depart from me. Ye that work iniquity.” These are certainly sobering verses, especially if we’re to try to be holy all by ourselves. The good news, of course, is that we don’t have to do it by ourselves. We can rely on the Holy Spirit to teach us righteousness and to change our hearts and minds. He’s our guide. He’s the one who convicts us when we need to repent.

So with all that said, here is my list of 12 sins that I’ve felt convicted enough to write about and share with you.

12 Sins That You Didn’t Think Were Sins (That Lead You To Hell)


1) Praying to saints, or Mary

God’s Word expressly states in multiple places in the Bible, including in the 10 commandments, that you should not make yourself a graven image, or worship any God other than the one true God, the Most High, the God of Israel. When you pray to Mary, or Saint Peter, you are in essence reverencing or worshiping them. Prayer is a sacred thing, which is why you should never pray to anyone or anything except to God Himself, The Lord Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, who are essentially the same being. If you do, you are committing idolatry and you will go to hell. *If you have at any point prayed to any saints whatsoever, or anything that was not Jesus, RIGHT NOW, you need to REPENT to God and tell Him you’re sorry and never, ever do it again.

2) Wearing any occult item, like a scarf, ring or charm that supposedly has magical powers

If you listen to the testimony I link to above, you’ll notice that many of the people who the boy sees in hell are famous celebrities, high-ranking politicians and other public figures who consulted shamans and the like in order to attain fame, celebrity, in order to get wealth, or sleep with women. What these people were then given were talismans, amulets, rings, and other demonized items that gave them what they wanted. In other words, it was a tacit agreement between them and satan that they were selling their soul in order to get what they wanted in this life. In a lot of cases, these people didn’t know they were selling their souls because satan isn’t going to advertise that part of the bargain, but if you have the knowledge of Jesus Christ, then the Holy Spirit should be sounding the alarm bells and warning you to stay away from these types of things. The worst part, is a lot of this occultism is cleverly disguised as chintz and souvenirs that you can buy for two dollars at a gift shop in Bangalore. Getting involved in this stuff is like begging to be dragged to the pits of hell. *If you have at any point wore any occult jewelry or items thinking that you were protecting yourself from demons, or whatever, you need to REPENT right now, say sorry to God and never, ever do it again. Ever.

3. Getting ‘tats’ or tattoos

Even one tattoo is too many. The Word says not to blood-let, or mark your body. It’s in Leviticus. Tattoos definitely fall into this category. The problem with tattoos is that they have occult origins. Pagans, who believed in animal spirits and all kinds of lies and deception used to tattoo themselves, so why would you, a child of God, salt of the earth, ever even think about getting a tattoo? There are a lot of Christian tattoo artists and pastors who say that it’s okay to get a tattoo, but they’re wrong. When you desecrate God’s temple, which is your body, with skulls, or dragons, or even crosses, you’re displaying you’re rebellion, something that causes you to have more in common with satan than the Lord Jesus and you’re showing yourself to be no different than the world. If you don’t want to go to hell, I would make sure to get right ASAP. *If you have a tattoo, or twenty, do yourself a favor and REPENT right now! Sincere repentance for desecrating your body is what is needed in order to get right with God after getting tattoos. If you need help in understanding why it’s wrong, ask the Holy Spirit for answers.

4. Smoking cigarettes, cigars, marijuana, or any pipe

There are two reasons why this is a sin. One, you’re mistreating your body. Smoke inhalation is clearly not good for your health. Also, people who smoke are inhaling demonic spirits along with the smoke that cause addiction and death to enter their lives. Stay as far away from cigarettes and smoking as possible. Same goes for cigars. There are also drug-like properties in cigarettes, cigars, and marijuana that alter your physical state. The Bible says all mind-altering drugs are considered ‘pharmakeia’ and sorcery, which is what the witches and warlocks of old used to get high on when performing elaborate ceremonies where they worshiped demon spirits. Just say no. Unless of course, you enjoy the thought of going to hell. *If you’ve ever put a burning stick in your mouth and inhaled, or have ever ingested any mind-altering drugs, you need to REPENT right now and say sorry to God.

5. Imbibing Alcoholic ‘Spirits’

‘Spirits’, as they’re called, are really demonic spirits that you give legal rights to start messing with you every time you take a nip of that beer, wine, or shot. Addiction, Confusion, Rebellion and a bunch of other demons can and will start entering your life whenever you drink alcohol. This is why nothing good ever comes from drinking alcohol and why it’s a sin. Alcohol is also ‘pharmakeia’ or sorcery because it’s a form of a mind-altering drug. Whenever we mess with ‘pharmakeia’ or drugs, we are showing that we’re trying to emulate or copy witches and pagans who used drugs in their ceremonies where they worshiped satan and demon spirits. Don’t drink alcohol. If the health effects aren’t bad enough, think of the spiritual effects. We are living in the End Times, so it’s important that we get serious and stop messing around. Don’t touch alcohol. Do I really have to emphasize how undesirable hell is? *If you drink, which I realize is 99% of the population in most cases, you need to REPENT right now. God will help you to kick your drinking habit. Once you realize that alcoholism is really a demonic spirit, you can ask God to deliver you from it and make you into a new creation.

6. Having pre-marital sex, or sex-play with your girlfriend, or boyfriend.

The devil likes to change the terminology in order to make things seem less evil, or sinful than they really are. Pre-marital sex is sin and really ‘fornication’ which is expressly forbidden in the Bible. It’s one of the big four sexual sins. Number one is fornication, then comes adultery, homosexuality and bestiality. Can you imagine how many people are going to be completely taken by surprise when they die and head to judgement and the Lord tells them they’re going to hell for fornication? I’m afraid this may be a very large number. The reason fornication is wrong is because it cheapens sex and makes marriage a joke. People who’ve been with everyone sexually before getting married are joined to those people in the form of soul ties. In God’s eyes, you are married to multiple people, which is against His Word. God made marriage for a reason. It’s because He knew that it was the only arrangement where sex would be result in something productive because in every other arrangement, like an unstable chemical compound, it would be too volatile to be contained, causing destruction. In your heart, you know pre-marital sex is wrong, so stop justifying it and stop doing it. Hell is no joke. Hell has got to be chock-full of people who’ve committed sexual sin. *If you’ve ever had pre-marital sex, which these days is extremely common, you need to say sorry to God and never, ever do it again. Ultimately, I believe God we should be consulting God and asking him to provide us with a suitable husband or wife.

7. Engaging in hand-to-hand combat, a.k.a. martial arts or watching it e.g. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA, Muay Thai etc.)

Martial arts is a sin because it originated in the orient, the birthplace of Buddhism, Pan-theism and Paganism. The doctrines that gave rise to martial arts are very much in that same vein, which stem from this idea that you can be you’re own god. This is what satan told Eve in the Garden of Eden. There’s a great article called, ‘Bruce Lee and Martial Arts: The Christian Perspective‘ which I’ve found to be on target. Once again, there are certain practices that mark us and align us with the enemy and martial arts is one of them. You have to decide which side you’re on. Are you on God’s side, or are you on the enemy’s side? I know that this may be hard to understand at first, or decipher as to why it’s a sin, but trust me, it is. We’re supposed to turn the other cheek, and then rely on God, not fight our way out of situations using our own puny human strength. I know this runs contrary to everything you were ever taught, but it’s the truth. Also, any books that discuss the philosophy of martial arts that you have in your home, get rid of. So I wouldn’t take this lightly. *If you’ve been involved in MMA or martial arts at any level, I would REPENT and say sorry to God.

8. Doing any form of yoga, or meditation

Yoga is an occult practice that comes from the orient. In much the same way that martial arts is a sin, so is yoga. You have to remember, there are spiritual influences at work here and even though you might be doing something that in the physical seems innocent enough, like trying to stay flexible by taking a yoga class, God sees things in a different light. The Lord God is a jealous God. He doesn’t want you engaged in anything that has even a whiff of the enemy in it. He looks at Christians who practice yoga as spiritual adulterers because they’ve allowed themselves to become enmeshed with the occult. God’s standards are very high. God says flee from evil. Don’t dabble in it. People who practice yoga and meditation are clearly calling on demonic ‘spirit guides’ when they empty their minds and try to find oneness within themselves. The Bible says our job as Christians is, ‘Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God.” Get rid of any yoga books, or any books at all that espouse philosophies that run contrary to God. Yoga is evil and people who do it are going to hell. It’s as simple as that. *If you’ve ever been involved in yoga or meditation, REPENT right now and say sorry to God.

9. Being a sports fanatic, or athlete that puts his own personal aspirations above doing God’s will

I guess this would apply to anyone who puts his own desires and aspirations above doing God’s will. Remember, that’s what satan did when he rebelled against God. Let’s always remember. God created us, He created our lives. He knows our destiny and the life we’re supposed to lead that will bring us the most satisfaction and contentment. For us to neglect what God wants and instead, follow after our own desires in any form or fashion, is not only a sin, but the height of pride. This is the most covert sin of all! In the case of sports fans, or any kind of ‘fans,’ which is short for fanatics, in many cases, there is a form of worship going on where the match or tournament that they’re watching has become more important than God. Once again, God is a jealous God and He demands to be first in our lives. Athletes are a kind of celebrity, so I can imagine how many athletes there are that put their all into being famous, never counting the cost and never once thinking about what God’s will is. I’m not saying all athletes are committing sin, but that some, who make deals with the devil and engage in self-worship in order to get to that level of play are committing sin. Same with the fans who in many cases idolize and revere these athletes, as if they were gods.

10. Being a gossip girl, or guy

The Bible says our words hold the power of life and death, so we should never speak evil about someone. This is deceitful, selfish and a sin. Nothing good comes from gossip. We are going to be judged by every careless words we’ve spoken, so we need to learn to keep tabs on not just our words, but our thoughts and how we think. If we’re always thinking evil thoughts about the people around us, we’re inadvertently opening doors to Hate and other serious sins. Gossip will lead you to hell, no question. Don’t risk it. *If you’ve ever gossiped, REPENT now, say sorry to God and get right.

11. Not forgiving someone

There have been numerous testimonies that make mention of people in hell for not forgiving others. In life, things happen and especially growing up, we get hurt feelings, we hurt one another with the things we say, or do and we hold grudges. These grudges are demonically-inspired open-doors that allow others spirits into our lives when they go unrepented. The Bible says that if we don’t forgive others, our heavenly Father won’t forgive us for our sins. This is why it’s of utmost importance that we make sure we don’t make this mistake. We will end up in hell if we do.

12. Choosing your own career path, or making other big-ticket decisions without consulting God

God created you, created your life, knows your destiny, what would make you most fulfilled. The Bible says He has plans to prosper you, not to hurt you. I’m going to say it again just to emphasize how important this is. If we’re making our own decisions without first praying earnestly to God and asking Him what His will is, then we are committing sin. This is really difficult to understand, especially if you don’t know the first thing about how to find out what God’s will is, but I assure you that being able to figure out what God’s will is possible. It takes asking the Lord to come into your life and accepting Him as your Lord and savior and really doing His will from that moment forward. This means consulting Him every morning, letting Him speak to your heart and following His call on your life. When we make decisions that determine huge portions of our life without consulting God, it is considered following after our own flesh and a sin. Don’t make this mistake. Otherwise, you will go to hell. *I shouldn’t say, ‘if’ but ‘since’ you are probably guilty of this, you need to REPENT right now and ask God to forgive you ASAP!

In Conclusion

Get right with God today, stop kicking the can down the road and playing Russian roulette with your eternal soul. Harsh words, I know, but they have to be said since no one in the established “church” seems to want to discuss the issue of ‘holiness’ these days.

As always, take it to The Lord for confirmation and God bless you!


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My Message To Hillsong NYC

Dear Hillsong NYC, 

I did not feel the spirit of God when I attended your church service this past Sunday at 10 AM at Gramercy Theater, but I did discern demonic spirits there. Lots of them.

When I asked the Lord why, He told me, ‘They are too worldly. They worship themselves rather than me.’ I told Him I felt strange being at a church where His presence was absent and could He come just this once, so I could praise Him. He said, ‘No, I cannot. They need to repent.’ The words that the Lord spoke to me were felt more than heard, so what I’m giving you is the rough translation, so to speak.

So the reason I’m writing this message is to warn you that you are not in right-standing with the Lord. You need to repent immediately and save your congregation from God’s fury, as we are at the edge of the tribulation period. This is being confirmed daily by various members of the body of Christ from all over the world in prophetic dreams, visions, and messages.

I hope you don’t misunderstand me. I’m not trying to condemn you, or accuse you, but simply warn you that you need to fix this situation immediately so that you and your flock don’t get left behind.

Hillsong NYC leadership team, you need to fix the following problems! 

1) Selling church as entertainment

The first thing I heard as church was getting started was, “Welcome to church!” said with a tongue in cheek quality, as if to purposely draw attention to the rock concert-like atmosphere. The laser show, fog machine, candelabra on either side of the stage, sound system, and all the rest of it are not necessary for people to come to Christ. People need to come to church to worship God and learn how to come into close relationship with Him, not because they’re looking to get entertained. Even right after announcements, there was this back and forth banter with another member of the leadership team that seemed staged, or rehearsed to sound comedic. This gives the impression that we’re only there to have fun and that there’s no need to have a God-fearing holy reverence of the Most High God. It sends the wrong message to the congregation about who God is. This creates a dangerous situation when the congregation thinks that God isn’t serious about what he expects of us in terms of righteousness and keeping ourselves Holy etc. Sinking to the level of having to use cheap parlor tricks in order to get people to church actually blasphemes the Holy Spirit because it’s His job to make church spiritually exciting and engaging, not ours and doing these things is like saying that the Holy Spirit can’t do it.

2) Worship is compromised

I was counting, it wasn’t until the third song that the name of Jesus was mentioned in the lyrics. Instead, I noticed that the term, ‘Lord’ was used. I know that Hillsong makes money off of selling music, but if this is at the expense of the true Gospel, or because there is a watering down of the truth going on, then this is wrong. Yes, ‘Lord’ is often used interchangeably with ‘Jesus’ within the church, but outside the church, it’s important that we don’t send the wrong message because some of the songs could have easily been used to worship other gods, who are also referred to as ‘Lord’ in many cases. Also, the focal point is the band on stage rather than God, which is only further enhanced by the special effects present. The musicians also take a ‘center-stage’ type attitude when singing praise rather than stepping aside and giving God the glory. These are all big problems that send all the wrong messages to church-goers who may not be mature enough in Christ to know that there is something amiss, causing them to stumble.

3) The message is compromised

A lot of churches are guilty of this one. Do your preachers allow the Holy Spirit to direct the message, or do they exercise their own will and provide a message based on their own understanding? The reason I ask is because the message was way more feel-good than it should have been considering what’s going on in the world right now. Most people in the body of Christ who are allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them are talking about the end times, the rapture, the tribulation and the need to get spiritually ready by repenting of our sins and walking in God’s will (not our own) every single day. That’s the message that more or less needs to be preached. That is, if you’re following God’s will and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Hillsong NYC: I know it stings to hear criticism, but at least it will sting less now rather than later.

God bless you and I hope to hear that you’re taking a close look at some of the things I mention above.








Who is Jesus Going to Take With Him?

The ever-present question, whether you’re a Christian, or not is, “How do you get into Heaven?’ which is really, ‘Who is Jesus going to take with Him to Heaven?’

Getting into Heaven, according to God’s Word, is not an easy task. In fact, only few will enter.

The Bible also says, “Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

This is probably one of the most, if not the most, sobering warnings in the Bible regarding getting into Heaven. If even the people who’ve called themselves Christians in this life, who’ve worked miracles in Jesus’ name may not be going, then the number who will actually enter in seems to be critically low.

But the key to this whole passage lies in the verse directly preceding the warning, in Matthew 7:21. “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

Question: “Who is Jesus going to take with Him to Heaven?”

Answer: “The one who does the will of the Father. The key is doing the Father’s will!”

How do you find out what the Father’s will is?

Recently, I’ve come across a fantastic book called, Marriage Supper of the Lamb by Susan Davis. She has a website that discusses the end times and the rapture.

Susan Davis happens to be one of those people who can really hear the Lord amazingly well and she regularly gets entire letters and in the case of this book, entire manuscripts dictated to her by the Lord.

In the book, the Lord tells her about how the people should prepare for the Rapture and for eternal life in general. The main point the Lord makes is that we should be 100% living for the Lord and that anything less than 100% is considered ‘lukewarm’ and will result in eternal damnation.

By the way, if you’re skeptical about whether these revelations are really from the Lord, as you should be because we are supposed to test the spirits, I urge you to look at other testimonies by various other people around the world and compare the syntax and style with the content in the letters dictated to Susan. What you’ll find is they are near identical and they in no way contradict the Word of God.

Anyhow, getting back to knowing God’s will, the first thing we have to realize is that God doesn’t expect us all to become ordained and start a church because as the verse above states, it’s not about that and many of the people who do this are still going to hell because they’ve overlooked one critical fact.

The critical fact that nearly everyone is missing is that they don’t spend enough intimate time with the Lord! How can you possibly know what the Lord’s will is if you don’t spend time with Him? This is why the Lord says in the above verse, ‘I never knew ye,” keyword, “knew” meaning to actually know someone from having spent time with them.

Who is Jesus to you? 

If Jesus is nothing more than a historical figure to you, or a concept, or an idea, than you obviously don’t know the Lord Jesus and your soul is in danger.

The first thing you have to recognize is that Jesus/Holy Spirit/God (to be used interchangeably) is spirit and that He is a living God. He is also a relational God and He created you to be intimate with Him. This means you were created to know God on a personal level, through prayer, reading your Bible, and spending time with God every day away from all the distractions of the world.

The moment you allow the cares of the world to supersede your number one priority, which should be to follow God’s will, you show yourself to be full of pride, thinking that you know better than God when it comes to how you should live your life.

How could you know better than God when it was God who created you and in fact created your life?? The Word of God says the Lord has designs for your life, plans to prosper you, not to hurt you. We can’t even comprehend the destruction that we create by ignoring God’s will, which is really the destiny that God has for us.

It’s like, “Back to the Future” where if X never happens, X being you following God’s destiny for your life, then Y doesn’t happen, which alters the future and throws off the time-space continuum, or something. You know what I mean.

This is why being out of step with God’s will is rebellion to God and what I would call the number one pitfall for every human being on earth and unfortunately, falling into it means you have more in common with satan than you do with God. This is why it leads people to hell.

How in the world are we supposed to spend intimate time with God if He’s spirit and not physical??

Okay, calm down. Everything is going to be okay. If you’re feeling uneasy or unsure about whether you’ll be going to Heaven or not, I’m going to walk you through what you can start doing today in order to learn how to spend intimate time with God, learn what His will, or destiny is for your life and be with Him forever in Heaven.

*Note: And remember, just because God isn’t physical doesn’t mean He’s not real, or has a presence that you can feel and a personality that you can get to know.

1) Set aside time every morning to pray to God and spend time with Him.

Ask Him what His will for your life is for that particular day and then do it. Do this every morning. If you do this, He will make Himself known to you and He will start speaking to your heart. You won’t necessarily hear His answers, but you will feel them, especially if you do this regularly and learn how to be in God’s presence and discern His voice.

2) Let God in on what you’re thinking/experiencing/feeling every moment of the day.

Sometimes, we forget that God is always watching us, so we do things we know we shouldn’t do. This is why it’s good to always remind yourself that God really is watching over us, not in a creepy voyeuristic kind of way, but in a concerned parent kind of way. I like to have a running dialogue with God throughout the day, sharing my thoughts and opinions on different things and checking with Him to see if I’m in sync with Him or not. No matter what I’m doing, whether it’s lifting weights, watching a movie, or spending time with friends, thinking about making a big decision in my life, I include God in every thing I do. If you do this, you’ll find that there are many ways God speaks to you.

3) Read the Word on a regular basis.

This is something I have to get better about, but the reason you read the Word is quite simply to get to know what God’s personality is like and what He expects from us. You get to know God by knowing what He says and what He does, just like you would a person. It just so happens that the Bible is a record of the things God says and what He does, so it’s important that we read it. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal certain things in the Bible to you which may at first glance seem complex. That’s what the Holy Spirit is for.

Okay, now what? 

Once you’ve done that, you should be well on your way to having an intimate relationship with the Lord, but you have to work at it, just like everything else.

If you don’t hear God speaking to you the very first time, don’t just give up. Keep pursuing God’s face.

One of the things that creates a division between us and God is sin, so make sure you repent of all your sin. If you’re not sure what you have to repent for, ask God and He’ll tell you in the form of mental pictures, words, or feelings.

Something else that I emphasize on this blog is the need to do prayer intercession to cut through the thick blanket of evil that exists in so many places around the world. Intercession is where you pray without ceasing until, in the spirit, you breakthrough this blanket and at that point, have a much easier time being intimate with God. Without all the demonic distractions and such.



Next chance you get, wake up, brush your teeth and then grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Sit down on the ground, raise your hands up to the sky and pray to God. Throughout the course of this prayer, you should ask God what His will is for you. When He tells you what it is, make sure you write it down. Then do it! Simple as that. Rest easy in the knowledge that God’s perfect will consists of the decisions you yourself might make if you were all-knowing and all-powerful and had knowledge of the future. Since you can’t really hold a candle to any of that, the smartest thing you can do is trust God’s will for your life knowing He wants the best for you.








Intercession 2.0

Since I’ve started doing intercession on a regular basis, I’ve learned how to fine-tune the process to the point where it doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to.

Previously, doing prayer intercession would take me upwards of two maybe three hours. Now it’s taking me, on average, less than an hour.

This makes me happy because after I make breakthrough, I can spend more time praying and spending intimate time with God with no distracting thoughts or demonic interference whatsoever.

My last post discusses strategies for how to do intercession that really do work, but now that I’m a little more advanced in this area, I wanted to share with you what I’ve found to be, hands-down, the best practices, if you will.

The reason I know that these new strategies and methods are effective is because I tested them myself using the scientific method.

Testing whether your prayer intercession is working using the scientific method

If you’ve done intercession before, you know that your prayers have real spiritual ramifications that will often manifest in the physical.

For example, if you do intercession during the day and happen to look up at the sky, you’ll actually see what look like white, puffy clouds and dark, sinister-looking clouds battling it out as you pray.

It’s wild, I know, but that’s what you should be seeing if you’re doing it right. So my litmus test is to monitor these clouds while praying and at the same time, checking my watch. The time factor and the movement factor are what I use to test whether my prayer intercession is working.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, this one night at about 9 PM, I felt a strong sense of oppression and sure enough, when I looked out the window, I could physically see dark clouds creeping over the sky directly overhead.

I started to do intercession to cut through these clouds, but after an hour or so, I felt like I wasn’t getting very far, so I decided to go out to my driveway and continue praying while sitting on the hood of my car, so I could check out what was happening in the heavenlies as I was praying.

By the way, when you do this, it’s like having front row seats to a sporting event. You get to watch an amazing display of God’s power that almost becomes a form of entertainment. Trust, me, it’s way better than watching anything on T.V.

When I went outside, I noticed that there was a full moon. I also noticed that the dark, evil-looking clouds were intentionally allowing the moon-light to shine through an eye-like opening, as if the evil forces were drawing strength from this.

I also brought my iphone outside with me and was playing praise music on it. By the way, using praise music while doing intercession is definitely worth looking into. Breakthrough can happen without the use of music, but I still think it helps.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I prayed out the rest of the intercession while pacing around my driveway and I noticed that the first thing the forces of good did after claiming the area surrounding the moon was to block it out.

The angelic forces knew that the enemy was drawing power from the moon, so it was blocked out for the entire conclusion of the battle.

Point is, ever since that night, I’ve been monitoring closely what works and what doesn’t when it comes to different forms of intercession.

Introducing Intercession 2.0

In my experience, the following are the best, most effective types of prayers you can launch against the enemy. I would say that you should touch on all of the following areas during prayer.

*Note: I still recommend doing all of the things I mention in my last post, like praying in tongues etc. The only difference is the focus of the prayers. I like to pray in tongues, but at the same time, with my mind, have a secondary stream of consciousness going where I’m forming thoughts and speaking in my native tongue to the Lord.

1) Worship

When you’re worshiping God, you’re raining destruction on the enemy. I don’t want to give you any exact words to pray because you’re inner man, or woman will tell you what to say.

2) Praise

Praise is similar to worship, but different in that you’re praising God for His many qualities e.g. goodness, truth, steadfastness etc. You show your love for God by praising Him and putting Him first.

3) Intercession (General)

The actual ‘intercession’ should really be you interceding on behalf of others who don’t know the Lord. To me, It’s a natural outflow of praise because as you proclaim God’s greatness, you end up wanting everyone to know how great He really is. When prayed out in a general sense, this may take the form of praying over the neighborhood, township, city, county, region, state, country etc. I also pray for politicians, people in the media, banking industry, people in places of influence etc. so that they repent and follow the Lord. I pray for revival and that the Lord will save their souls.

4) Intercession (Specific)

This kind of intercession is specific in the sense that now you’re praying for people in your personal sphere of influence, people you know personally. Parents fall into this category, friends, coworkers, acquaintances etc. I like to pray for revival in my town where I live and for the people I know to repent and turn to the Lord.

5) Warfare prayer

This is where you imagine, or verbalize warfare-like statements against the enemy. Some people say that this isn’t necessary or particularly effective, but I haven’t found that. In my experience, it’s very effective, as long as you don’t neglect some of the other areas I’ve already mentioned and you’re overall intercession is well-rounded. I find that when you really understand the spiritual realm and how the demonic works, it makes you really mad because they are relentless in ‘winning’ souls for hell. When you really understand how many people will be going to hell because of circumstances and situations brought about by the enemy, you start to get very upset about it. Luckily, there is a way to vent this anger by praying for God to utterly destroy and demoralize the enemy in a variety of ways.



Next time you notice evil in the sky, commit yourself to doing prayer intercession. Keep praying until you get breakthrough and the enemy is totally defeated. If you can’t discern it yet, use the clouds outside your window as a measure of how much longer you have to pray. The Holy Spirit will also be with you giving you an idea of how much longer as will God and the Lord Jesus, so you’re not alone. I find that God and the Lord Jesus’ actual presence is always in the room whenever I do intercession so be encouraged.


Bringing a Spiritual Gun To A Knife Fight | I’ve definitely noticed an oppressive spiritual atmosphere lately and I’ve decided to do something about it.

First of all, oddly enough I can tell when there is an uptick in demonic activity by looking at the sky. When I spiritually discern the atmosphere around me and test certain types of clouds, I can tell when they’re demonized. When these types of clouds are directly overhead, I can feel a strong sense of oppression, which at times feels debilitating. The only way I can describe it is to say that it’s like Superman and kryptonite. They make me feel depressed, physically fatigued and not myself, like my spirit is literally suffering under this sense of oppression.

The idea to do something about it came largely from this former satanist who’s now a Christian. You can read his piece here. He describes how at times, he would come up against a Christian or group of Christians praying. He says their prayers, when continuous and uninterrupted, appear in the spiritual realm as fire shooting up toward this oppressive blanket that they create and if given enough time will actually break through and cause them to flee.

Well, I’ve done this twice officially. I’ve prayed in tongues for the past two nights and each time, for roughly thirty minutes or so without stopping until feeling a sense of breakthrough when I actually sense a change in the atmosphere and I feel closer to God. Each time, it’s an incredible feeling and it makes you feel invincible.

I noticed a few things happen though, which at first startled me. Number one, my prayers progressively cause the oppressive feeling to begin to lift. I can feel my prayers making impact with the demonic forces, but I also feel and experience the demons retaliating. Their modus operanti once you start to pray is to get you to stop because they know that they’re no match for the Word of God. They know that there is a finite amount of time that they can withstand your prayers.

Some of the things they do to try to stop you are:

1) Cause physical pain in your body

In my case, I’ve felt a sensation like someone was trying to choke me, I’ve felt a heaviness when trying to breathe, I’ve felt dull pains in my head and certain parts of my body. In every case, you have to remind yourself that you’re fine, it’s a lie and that you should never allow yourself to believe that they’re doing anything to hurt you because the truth is, they can’t. You’re a child of God and God said no weapon formed against you shall prosper. All they can do is try to get you to believe that they’re hurting you.

2) Distracting thoughts

They usually use this if you’re not aware of what they’re trying to do. If you are aware, then they probably won’t use this tactic.

3) Demonic suggestion

Demonic suggestion is when they telepathically try to influence your emotional state by making you feel discouraged or demoralized. They’re basically hoping that making you feel like you’re not making impact will cause you to give up and really not make any impact. When they’re using this strategy against you, you’ll feel like you’re losing, but not know why and the subtlety here is that your rational mind has a hard time separating a feeling of losing with actually losing, so you have to be vigilant to make sure you don’t believe these feelings either because ultimately they’re lies as well.

4) Psychic Attack

God’s Word talks about the devil’s fiery darts and truth is, they’re real. There’s not much difference here between this type of attack and their tactic of trying to make you believe that you’re feeling physical pain in your body. I guess the only difference is that they really do pierce your spirit and cause actual physical symptoms. The difference here is that in my case, I’ve had to pray to God to heal these spiritual wounds for the pain to go away, and this is after they’re gone and I’ve won the battle.

Before I continue, I should mention that it’s really important to wear the armor of God talked about in God’s Word in the book of Ephesians in Chapter 6. This a real armor, although it’s not real in the physical sense. The spiritual realm isn’t about physical things, it’s about spiritual things. The spiritual realm is all about faith, so if you believe that you’re wearing God’s spiritual armor, guess what? You’re wearing God’s spiritual armor. It’s activated by faith. That’s how the spiritual realm operates. This is important if you ever decide that you want to do prayer intercession.

Anyhow, in the two battles I’ve won, there are a few strategies that I find work really well. Use them as much as you’d like, or add your own.

1) Stand up, don’t lie down

My first battle I waged at 3 AM after the Holy Spirit woke me up. That’s when I felt this strong oppression pushing down on me. Honestly, it made me angry because I thought that as a Christian, I shouldn’t have to deal with this after what Jesus went through to save me and destroy the works of the devil. I prayed it out while lying on my back in bed, but toward the end, I stood up and paced around my apartment. Standing up trumps laying down any day. I think laying down makes you feel more vulnerable and also just puts you in a more fearful state. When I do prayer intercession, I pace around my apartment with my Bible in my right hand.

2) Pray in tongues

Praying in tongues is so key that I can’t even begin to describe how important this is. Tongues is a spiritual language. It has nothing to do with actual languages like French or Swahili, which is what I think people don’t understand about praying in tongues. When you’re speaking in tongues, it’s not the actual verbiage that’s important, but rather the emotional content of what you’re expressing. If you’ve never prayed in tongues before, just start doing it. There’s no magic moment, or secret about it. Open your mouth and in faith, start praying in tongues. You learn by doing it. It’s a good skill to have not just for edifying your spirit, but it’s a potent weapon in prayer intercession. The other thing, of course, is that if you’re busy thinking of words to pray, you’re going to find that you quickly run out of words and will be forced to stop of your own accord.

3) Use your imagination to wage war

Your imagination is the seat of your emotions. If you can wrest control of your imagination, you can ultimately control your destiny. One of the first things the enemy does is try to infiltrate your imagination by planting negative ideas, thoughts and images into your mind because he knows that those thoughts will influence your emotional state and subsequently your actions. If you turn the tables by controlling your imagination and filling it with thoughts of how you’re a victor, you were made to win, God literally has your back, and that in Jesus’ name, you can do anything like put a demon in a box and toss the box into the Atlantic, where it has to sit at the bottom of the ocean until the Judgment, then you’re on track to win. Some of my favorites are imagining that I’m crushing them underfoot like cockroaches or that I’m using a baseball bat signed by Jesus and that I’m beating them over the head with it spiritually.

4) Mockery

I like turning the tables and making a mockery of the enemy by sending their negative self-talk right back at them. Praying in tongues is great because your mind is still available to form thoughts, imagine things, and to make trash-talking statements. I like to tell the enemy that they must be pretty stupid to rebel against the Most High God, the one who made them. I tell them that fighting them is akin to playing your little brother in basketball and giving him a twenty point lead because he’s at such a big disadvantage. I tell them that it’s only a matter of time before the Most High is going to send them all to the pits of hell, so if I were them I’d try to go to the beach or at least try to enjoy the little time they have left. One important note, though, is that you should never give them the satisfaction of trying to communicate in words to you. First of all, God forbids it, and secondly, you’re giving them too much credit if you actually stop and try to communicate with them because they’re under a great delusion. Mocking is probably more to help put you in a winning frame of mind than anything else, but I’m sure it does frustrate them to no end as well.

5) Using the Bible as a weapon

The Word of God is also known as the sword of the spirit. One way I use it is I will interrupt speaking in tongues with reading verses from the Bible. I read verses reminding myself and the enemy that the Word of God is truth and that nothing can subvert the truth. By the way, this is why standing up is so important. Something else I do is use the Bible like an actual sword. I swing it around and imagine cutting the enemy wide open. It sounds unnecessary, but all’s fair in war. Also, I’m convinced that this move is devastating and the enemy hates it. I almost hear them saying, “Stop it!” when I do this.

6) Rebuke in Jesus’ name

Jesus’ name is the name above all names, so every spirit must submit to it, however, It’s funny how when you’re doing prayer intercession, it’s different than when you’re facing one devil at a time who happens to manifest somewhere near you. When it’s one, or even two, rebuking in Jesus’ name works instantly and like a charm, but when you’re doing intercession, you’re facing lots of them. I don’t even know numbers, but I feel God is telling me like upwards of two hundred or more. This is why you have to think a lot bigger when you’re doing intercession. I imagine that I’ve got a Jesus bazooka and that it shoots off blasts of rebukes. I also like to multiply my own presence and picture myself forming an army of Robs all shooting these bazookas. By the way, keep in mind, one of the enemy’s best tactics is to convince you that your imaginings are silly and aren’t really doing anything. Don’t believe this lie because in reality, you’re devastating the enemy and they can only hold out for so long before they’re forced to retreat.

7) Dancing, Singing and laughing

Recently, during my second battle, I incorporated some dancing and I can’t tell you how key that was. It really lifts your spiritual state and makes you feel euphoric. Seeing you in this state is literally painful for the enemy to watch, which is why it’s so effective. Same with singing in tongues. In the Bible, it says rejoice and be exceeding glad, so it makes sense that dancing and singing is a great way to wage war on the enemy. Laughing is another great tactic. I like to tell a joke and make myself laugh. I like to picture myself laughing in the enemy’s face and parade around showing that they have no chance, really no chance of winning and they know it.

8) Doing everything simultaneously

If you can pray in tongues while rebuking, while imagining their devastation while swinging your Bible around your head, while dancing and laughing, then you’re totally obliterating the enemy so bad it’s not even funny. In order to keep this up, though, you need to make sure you’re in good physical shape. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating right and exercising because prayer intercession is hard work! From the moment you start, you need to be able to keep it up without stopping until the end. Keep pushing through it and when you make breakthrough and the enemy retreats, you’re not going to remember how tough it was at the time because you’re going to be thinking about how amazing it is to be able to speak to God so closely as well as the feeling of immense peace that, if you look around outside, actually alters the physical world around you as well as the spiritual.


You have to have a certain amount of guts as well as endurance in order to do prayer intercession because I notice that you tend to get retaliation. So far, I’ve experienced psychic attacks when I least expect it, targeted oppression, and night visitations. The good news, though, is that the enemy doesn’t faze me anymore. If I have a demonic dream, I’m keenly aware of what’s going on. It’s almost kind of boring now. A few things that you need to make sure you do on a continuous basis is pray to God for protection, healing, breaking off curses, breaking off soul ties and any other spiritual attack that is launched against you. If you’re not continuously doing this, it seems to accumulate and weigh you down. They also tend to wait until your most vulnerable to attack you, like when you’re hungry, or tired so you have to be vigilant.




Before you decide that you want to start doing prayer intercession, make sure you’re ready. The way you do this is by spending more time with God. He’s the one who strengthens you and protects you, so you need to get in the habit of praying regularly and spending alone time with God every single day. This is dangerous work because you have to have a strong mind in order to withstand a lot of their attacks. You also have to read your Bible often to get sustenance from the truth that it provides. God bless you if you decide you want to do it. I believe it’s an important role in God’s kingdom and that we definitely need more intercessors.






‘Demonic Attack Last Night’

Type in ‘demonic attack last night’ into Google and you’ll get tons of results from mostly Christians saying that they were spiritually attacked in the middle of the night. Type in ‘sleep paralysis’ and you’ll get results from both the Christians and non-Christians who’ve experienced this phenomena, but what they’re describing is exactly the same thing. The non-Christians don’t realize that ‘sleep-paralysis’ is actually a tool used by demons to manipulate us.

These types of experiences are common, especially for me because I’ve made myself a target by standing up to them through my radio show and through prayer intercession as of late. Anyone who knows the truth of the Gospel and actually practices it in any form or fashion, I suspect will automatically become a target.

So I just wanted to share with you an episode I had a few nights ago where I was spiritually attacked in the middle of the night. It was the night I wrote my last post. I’m thinking the attack might be some kind of retaliation for exposing them like that, although at the time, I also opened a door after crossing the line by having too many lustful thoughts.

So they usually come between 3 and 5 AM, don’t ask me why. I was dreaming about waiting in a long line and the guy in front of me started arguing politics. Of course, I took the bait and started arguing back and as I was talking to this guy, I kept swatting away at this fly that kept buzzing around my ear. As I was talking, the fly actually went inside my ear and was buzzing around, which startled me because it felt so real. I woke up from the dream and was laying in bed and I still felt this buzzing in my ear. I swatted at my ear and then what felt like a bug came out. This wasn’t a real bug, but a demonic deception to scare me.

I slowly looked around and realized that my whole room was filled with translucent figures standing around my bed. I take out my contacts before bed, so I couldn’t see too many details, but I could definitely see a frenzy of activity to the left of my bed. In the spirit, I could see a battle being fought between demons and the angels who were sent to protect me.

I did physically see a demon, though, which for me was a first. It was a small demon and it was standing to the right of my pillow. My face was just inches away from it, so I had no problems seeing it. It looked translucent, like a digital hologram super-imposed over the physicality of my bed. It had the face of a zebra and looked like a stuffed doll, except it had a grimace on its face. I rebuked it and flipped over on my back to see what else was going on.

I start seriously rebuking in Jesus’ name, but I’m noticing that they’re not leaving. Maybe this was because there were so many of them, I don’t know. So I take a deep breath and think, “Okay, this is different.”

The only thing they have to fight with, since they’re spiritual beings, are lies, so the lie that they were trying to perpetrate on me was that they were somehow immune to my rebuking them in Jesus’ name. I guess they were hoping that this would frighten me, causing me to lose faith in the Lord.

Up until this point, I had never encountered this. Whenever I would rebuke a demon in Jesus’ name, it would immediately leave, but I guess I’ve graduated to Level 2, so to speak, and now I have to be more resourceful about putting them in their place.

I also notice that my trusty method of detecting them was no longer working. I use a reflex in my hand to spiritually test the atmosphere around me and I’ve always been able to use it to discern what’s going on around me, spiritually, except now it clearly wasn’t working because here I was in a situation where I was surrounded by demonic spirits and my reflex was showing that the spiritual atmosphere was neutral. This was another lie they were trying to get me to believe to at the very least unsettle me or make me think that they’ve destroyed my gifting.

So now I’m also feeling their oppression on my spirit, which I would describe as a crushing weight of negativity, negative emotions, and feelings of defeat. I’m also hearing their suggestions, which to my spirit, sound like, “You’ve lost,” “You should give up,” “The Lord doesn’t care about you,” and things of that nature.

What do I do? I decide that I’m going to pray in tongues. As soon as I start praying in tongues I can tell the enemy is taken aback, but they’re still not leaving. I’m praying hard and visualizing myself overcoming them in various ways. I keep rebuking them in Jesus’ name and visualize that my rebukes are like machine-gun fire tearing through them.

What do they do? They start to mess with my body’s physical response system. I start to feel my heart-rate increase until my heart feels like its going to jump out of my chest. I also start to get a feeling of being very short of breath, like I need to take big gasping breaths of air in order to continue praying. This was another lie because my brain, which would normally control these kinds of responses, wasn’t alarmed. The demons wanted me to believe that they were going to make me die, or that I was at their whim. But I never believed it, so it had no power over me.

As I write this, I feel the Holy Spirit telling me that I should mention that poor spokesman for Chik-Fil-A, who had a heart-attack after speaking out against homosexuality on a radio talk show. I believe that this man was visited by demons at night who raced his heart and he believed the lie that they had control over his body, or that his life was in danger, unfortunately causing him to die of a heart-attack.

Anyway, I continue to pray despite these spiritual attacks while at the same time visualizing the enemy’s defeat, quoting Bible verses and imagining swatting them away like so many flies. I remember repeating in between tongues that I am a victor and that I trust in the Lord. And suddenly, after a few more minutes, they raise their white flag of defeat and leave.

When they leave, I feel the heavens open up and this light, not a physical light, but a spiritual light shine down on me. I have this feeling like I’m all alone with the Lord.

I start to pray and I can hear God better than I’ve ever heard Him before. I started to ask Him all kinds of questions and am amazed at how fast I’m getting the answers and how clear He is being with me.

After asking Him lots of personal stuff about the radio show, whether I’m carrying out His will correctly, and what not, I ask Him if there is an angel sitting in the chair next to my bed sent to protect me. As soon as I ask this question, I physically see a bright light emanating from the chair next to my bed illuminate the entire room, but just for an instant.




Whenever you get night visitors, realize that the only weapon they have is deception, and the battle that you wage isn’t a physical one, but a spiritual one. The battle is over whose reality you will believe. Will you believe the reality that you are a child of God and that no weapon formed against you will prosper, as it says in God’s Word, or will you believe the reality that you are not significant, you’re going to have to cheat and steal to get ahead, illness and infirmity will affect you throughout your life and that there’s nothing you can do about it? It’s a faith battle and having this experience taught me that rebuking in Jesus’ name has no power if you yourself don’t believe on the promises of God.



Creepy Jesus Statue

As I’ve explained before on this blog, I’m a discerner, meaning I have the gift of spiritual discernment, which is one of the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible in 1st Corinthians 12: 1-11.

I can sense the demonic, the angelic, and the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. I can tell when people have spiritual influences on them and I can also tell when certain places do as well. It’s really just one or the other, by the way. Either you have the Holy Spirit resting on you, or you have some demonic spirit on you.

One of the ways I know is I get a ‘fear sense’ for no apparent reason. There are other ways I know, which are difficult to explain, so suffice to say that to me, the difference is very obvious.

Anyway, the other day, I was driving past Holy Name of Jesus, the local Catholic church in my town, and I happened to glance up at the Jesus statue that faces the village. I’ve walked by it before and got the fear sense, so I knew it was demonized.

I pulled over and took a picture, but God didn’t want me to post it because the picture has spiritual stuff attached to it that doesn’t need internet access to millions of people. I tried posting it twice, but it wouldn’t work and when I asked God what was up, that’s what He told me.

What’s problematic about it is how it portrays Jesus as this hippie with an ape-looking face, who seems to like little children. I want to know who came up with this statue because he clearly doesn’t know the Lord Jesus.

This may sound harsh, but in my opinion, the statue is borderline blasphemous and if I could, I would remove it from the premises because it obviously makes the Lord Jesus look like a pervert.

But this is why I think demons like it. They like to dwell inside of it to give it a little more ‘pop’ when pedestrians walk by, so onlookers feel something coming off of it and look at it, and when they do, demons can use their powers of suggestion to plant thoughts into their heads.

Thoughts like, ‘Jesus was just a nice guy who liked kids,’ or ‘Was Jesus Gay?’ or ‘Christianity is stupid’ or ‘Jesus can’t be God.’

This is how demons operate. If someone who hears one of these suggestions believes that the thought came from them, they will attribute it to a gut reaction of how the image of our Lord Jesus made them feel and if that feeling is tainted, then their reaction to the Gospel, should they ever hear it (if they’re a non-believer), will also be tainted.

This strategy of theirs must be one of their better ones because it was very closely guarded. When I got close enough to the statue to take a picture, I could sense a whole gang of demons in and around it. I know because I got this powerful feeling of terror for no apparent reason. And when I turned around to walk back to my car, I was spiritually attacked because I felt a sting in the back of my head that didn’t go away until I prayed and asked God to heal it.

The reason I share this little account is because I want you to understand that not only is there a spiritual realm out there, but that demons are working feverishly and in an organized fashion to deceive as many people as possible before the Judgement.

Now, I only encountered your run-of-the-mill, local demons who hang out around town and use rudimentary methods to deceive people, but this just goes to show you that this kind of deception occurs at all levels. It goes on in education, our government, Hollywood, the media and the list goes on.

The people who say there’s a conspiracy out there and our government leaders are in reality controlled by a small cabal of banksters or high-level executives who basically pull all the strings are not entirely right. What they miss is that all evil that is perpetrated on the world is the result of sin. What sin does is open the door to the demonic, who then assume legal rights to begin influencing people, institutions etc.

But this isn’t something to fear. First of all, fear is not of God. Whenever you get a feeling of fear, it’s usually a demon that is attempting to influence you. Unless of course, you’re getting a self-preservation kind of fear like you get when you’re pulling out of a parking space and you’re about to hit a parked car.

Just remember this. God is in control. God allows the demonic to operate because in a lot of ways, our lives on this earth are a testing period. God wants to test us and hold us accountable for our actions, not just in this life, but in the next as well. So demons, in a weird way, are actually carrying out God’s will for people who commit sin and reject the Gospel truth. Unfortunately, there are ramifications for entire societies when the collective sin is too great and they have to bear the consequences of a single person’s actions, like in the case of a Caligula or a Hitler, or even the actions of a group of people, like in a Communist regime.

But a believer has nothing to fear from demons because we can rebuke them using the name of the Lord Jesus. When you do that, they have to leave on the spot. They’re powerless. If you’re not a believer, however, then it’s open season and you’re wide open to spiritual attack and deception. God gives you the Holy Spirit to warn you of danger, to direct you, and to be that still, small voice of reason, but you’re not really protected until you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Once you do that, you’ve basically declared war on the demonic realm, so they will come after you to test you to see if you know who you are in Christ, which is why you have to get used to rebuking them a lot. After a while, though, the attacks will go from brute force attacks, like when you’re sleeping, to the more sophisticated attacks involving the people in your life, your job etc.

I should also mention that as long as you close all of the ‘doors’ and repent of your sins, any legal grounds are relinquished and the demonic can’t bother you anyway. They have to abide by the rules, which are they have to be invited in. As long as you don’t ‘invite them’ by dabbling in the occult, rejecting the Gospel, committing sin etc. then God will put his hedge of protection around you and you’ll be forever in his care.

As it says in the Bible in John 10: 22-30, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.”



Next time you get a fear feeling (or any kind of negative spiritual oppression), just remember that you’re being spiritually tested and that you’re job is to prove to yourself and to everyone else that you won’t submit to anything that is not of God. I want you to say, “In Jesus’ name, I rebuke you.” It will go away and then you can go on with your life. It’s as simple as that. God meant for us to be victors and over-comers in everything we do, so live like that and show God that you’re believing on His promises for you. Promises to prosper you and not to hurt you. Nothing is impossible.








There’s No Such Thing As None Of The Above

I like to read The Huffington Post: Religion section because it helps me to stay abreast of the latest attacks on the Gospel truth. Some of the comments make me laugh because it’s clear that the vast majority of the people reading these articles and commenting on them (possibly even those writing them) are people who are convinced that there is no God. It makes you wonder what all these people are doing there to begin with.

Anyway, I was reading this article about how Katie Holmes, after her split from Tom Cruise, decided to leave the church of Scientology and return to the Catholic Church and my initial reaction was, “Hmm, not so surprising considering Scientology is a well-known cult.”

Honestly, I’m happy for Katie because she finally came to her senses and realized that there’s no amount of wealth or celebrity that can make up for the faulty spiritual grounding that characterizes Scientology. Something that surprised me, though, was a series of comments following the article that seemed to suggest that anyone who believes in any religion at all, including I imagine, Katie, is by definition ignorant:

Here’s a good example:

Yay for Katie.  Trading one very expensive form of destructive brain-washing for another less expensive form of destructive brain-washing.

Here’s another one:

So she trades one myth for another. Too weak minded to think for herself. Nothing to celebrate here.

This one is a real gem:

Katie Holmes, religion is baloney no matter which one you turn to.

I addressed this directly to her because she certainly reads these comments ;)

He said, ‘baloney.’ You heard him. He dropped the ‘b’ word. Obviously, it’s time for me to weigh in on this one.

It’s blatantly hypocritical to say that believing in a religion makes you ignorant because when you say something like that, you’re demonstrating a complete lack of understanding as to what ‘religion’ is. Religion is a vehicle to understand the basic human questions we all ask:

  • Who are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • What is our purpose?
  • What is the nature of the world around us?
  • What happens when we die?

Saying you’re against all religion makes you sound like a dufus because whether you’re Christian, Buddhist or whatever, as long as you’re a human being, 100% of the time, you have well-formed opinions regarding the above questions. That’s because we’re born to ask these questions. This means that everyone by default believes in some kind of ‘religion’ simply because religion is a means of understanding the world around us.

There is no choice D: None of the above. You have to pick something. Even the agnostics eventually choose some kind of religion.

Take atheism, for example, which likes to tout itself as a non-religion. Atheism is very much a religion. It’s the religion that says that there is no God, we came from random atoms smashing together, our purpose is not clear, so we might as well get as much physical pleasure out of life as possible, the world is nothing more than a round ball, and when we die, there are no consequences, it’s just over.

Agnosticism is also a religion. I like to call it the lazy man’s religion because if you’re an agnostic, you’re basically saying, “I don’t have all the answers and I’m too lazy to find out, so I’m going to just do whatever I feel like and hope that everything turns out okay.” Not a very dynamic way to live your life. Perfect for the busybodies of the world since there are no meetings to attend.

To go around saying that all we need to do is get rid of religion and the world will magically transform into a paradise, like Bill Maher seems to think, is truly childish because it shows a basic lack of understanding of human nature.

It also shows a lack of historical knowledge. In the societies that outlawed religion, such as the former Soviet Union, the ‘religion’ that came to fill the void was everyone’s favorite supposed ‘non-religion,’ atheism. And we all know what happened to that experiment. Atheistic societies always have a tendency to become tyrannical and dictatorial over time. That’s no coincidence, by the way, that’s the natural expression of what a Godless belief system will do on a grand scale when given the opportunity. But that’s for another post.

The problem we have is not people who believe in religion (because everyone subscribes to some ‘religion’ whether they call it a religion or not), but rather too many people who believe in the wrong religions!

Now, don’t misunderstand. I don’t want to lobby Congress to force everyone to convert to Christianity, or wage war on non-Christian nations, like too many professing Christians and conservatives are in favor of.

I believe that when introduced to the Gospel truth, a rational mind has no choice than to submit to that truth. There can only be one truth. That truth is that pain and suffering have entered the world through our own sinful nature and that God, who created us and gave us free will, gives us a chance at redemption through our belief in His son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. God is not going to force this on us because He wants it to be our decision. This is the Gospel message.

But there’s much more to it than that. God doesn’t want us to be bound by obscure religious traditions, He wants us to have a direct relationship with Him! That’s why I’m a firm believer that everyone needs to stop going through the motions of religion and start getting to know God.

How do you get to know God? Through prayer, reading the Bible, spending quiet time alone with Him, and asking Him to come into your life!




If you’re not a believer and you’ve never experienced being in God’s presence, I suggest that you start with what I like to call, ‘preliminary prayers.’ A lot of Christians would recommend the Sinner’s prayer straight away, but I know people tend not to believe that they’re sinners. If that’s the case, here are some prayers that can get you started:

1) Jesus, I want to know you more. I ask that you show me how I can have a better relationship with you.”

2) “God, I want a deeper relationship with you. I ask that you put someone in my life to help me to learn more about you.”

3) “Holy Spirit, what can I do to have a real, experiential relationship with you?”


Note: God will talk back to you, but you have to be willing to listen. It’s rare that it comes in the form of words, but oftentimes, it’s an inward knowing, something spoken to your heart, or your emotions. As you practice doing this, you’ll get better at discerning God’s voice. Some signs that you’re hearing God’s voice is that you sense a peace or love come on you. Throughout this whole process, monitor your thought life and concentrate on any words, images, or ideas that pop into your head.


Spiritually-Charged Dishes And Other Cursed Household Items

A set of dishes my father bought at a garage sale not too long ago used to make me cringe whenever I’d touch them. I used to think it was because I subconsciously thought they were made out of cheap materials and that the paint would rub off on my food, but I’ve discovered something else entirely.

These dishes had a negative spiritual charge on them. When I asked God about it, He showed me mental pictures of how they were used in some kind of ritual animal sacrifice. It’s usually occult religions that do things like that, so I could understand how some kind of demonic energy was transmitted to the plates themselves.

I prayed over the dishes and bound any spiritual influences they had on them in Jesus’ name and lo behold, the plates no longer felt gritty and electrified to me. They felt like normal plates again. I still haven’t eaten off of them yet and doubt that I ever will, but at least I can deal with them a little better now.

It sounds bizarre, I know, but things like this don’t faze me anymore because I encounter them so often.

I’ll give you another example. My DVD collection used to have a definite negative spiritual charge coming off of it. Before I finally found out what was going on, whenever I’d go to bed, I would notice an increase in the number of demonic dreams I’d have. During the day, I would get this irrational fear of entering my bedroom. After praying over it, there haven’t been any more issues.

Here’s another. My father brought a painting home from my Aunt Mary Ellen’s house in Florida. The painting used to belong to my grandparents. Anyway, I would get this eerie, fear-like feeling whenever I would get close to it and sure enough, after I realized what was going on, it had a negative spiritual charge as well. I bound it in Jesus’ name and the feeling immediately stopped.

My mother brought home a picture frame from Goodwill that had a checker-board theme and two Masonic-looking pillars on it. You guessed it. Negative spiritual charge, had to bind it in Jesus’ name.

The odd thing is that I notice products from certain companies have a negative spiritual charge. A great example of this is Apple. I recently upgraded to an iPhone and it didn’t occur to me that I should test my phone. After I spiritually tested it, I became aware that it was cursed. This caused me to look into the origins of Apple and I ended up doing an entire show on what I found. Long story short, Apple’s creators, Jobs and his associates, were clearly either evolutionists, or atheists and this energetic residue actually transferred down to the company’s products.

I noticed a similar thing happening with Nike brand products. I always wondered why I tended to steer clear of Nike apparel and now I know why.

The point is, certain objects have spiritual energies on them and not necessarily in a good way. If you’ve ever bought a shrunken head or some weird little souvenir while on vacation, I would definitely pray over that.

Talismans and amulets and all of the things that the people who practice witchcraft use to supposedly ‘protect’ them are cursed as well.

Just be careful what you buy, bring into your house, or put on your night-table. I used to have a U.S. Constitution on my night-table, but I had to remove it because it had a curse on it. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it was because I put it on the night-table underneath my Bible and God didn’t want anything to compete with my relationship with Him.

I’ve had to pray over Harry Potter books and all kinds of books with iffy origins and influences. Pray to God for discernment.

Just today, I had to pray over a graphic tee I bought at Express that I thought was okay when I bought it, but was giving off a fear scent when I passed by it today. It has a skull and cross-bones emblem on it with some sketchy writings on it. I probably shouldn’t have bought it. Maybe that’s why I had this freakish demonic dream last night about being indoctrinated into this weird occult group.

I think the way it works is that if a certain object is even peripherally involved in some kind of occult practice, or sinful act, then by virtue of that fact, it will have a negative spiritual charge attached to it.

A great example would be my lap-top computer. My computer had a charge on it a while back when I was fallen away from God and used it to surf a lot of porn sites. The presence of the demonized, cursed, or spiritually-charged object, in this case my computer, would change the environment of the entire room and I remember heading down to my computer desk one night and feeling spiritually attacked by something I couldn’t see.

I think these objects allow the demonic to have a right to influence us, so be careful when leaving these things lying around the house. Pray over them, bind them up in Jesus’ name, and close the door on them.

When in doubt, just pray and ask God to make sure everything checks out.



Pray to God to reveal to you anything that is standing in the way of a better relationship with Him. Whether it’s something you’re doing, or something you’re a part of in some way, He’ll let you know. Just ask.