Marty Angelo Shares Jesus With Drug-Addled Celebrities (Justin Beiber, Lindsay Lohan etc.)

Marty Angelo Shares Jesus With Drug-Addled Celebrities (Justin Beiber, Lindsay Lohan etc.)

Save Your Eternal Soul
Save Your Eternal Soul

Save Your Eternal Soul

Learn who Jesus is, what he did for you and how you can start having a personal relationship with Him right now!

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John Clancy, Former Broker At Stratton Oakmont On Jesus, Jordan Belfort And Getting Indicted

John Clancy, Former Broker At Stratton Oakmont On Jesus, Jordan Belfort And Getting Indicted

Going To War: Your Guide To Prayer Intercession
Going To War: Your Guide To Prayer Intercession

Going To War: Your Guide To Prayer Intercession

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Demon-Off! Self Deliverance System

Demon-Off! Self Deliverance System

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Share Your Testimony! Contact:
Share Your Testimony! Contact:

Share Your Testimony! Contact:

Gunmen Attack Nigerian Christians At Christmas

Gunmen Attack Nigerian Christians At Christmas

Worthy News | ABUJA, NIGERIA - Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the state, not a Christian was stirring, because those who dared attend services in Nigeria that night risked their very lives.

At least twelve Christians were killed by gunmen in separate attacks; the assailants are suspected to be militant members of Boko Haram, an Islamist group that has already killed nearly 100 Christians around Christmas in Nigeria over the past three years.

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Columbine Father Speaks 12 Years Later

Columbine Father Speaks 12 Years Later

Darrell Scott | Father of Columbine victim Rachel Scott spoke before Congress’ House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee.

Since the dawn of creation there has been both good & evil in the hearts of men and women. We all contain the seeds of kindness or the seeds of violence. The death of my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy Scott, and the deaths of that heroic teacher, and the other eleven children who died must not be in vain. Their blood cries out for answers.

The first recorded act of violence was when Cain slew his brother Abel out in the field. The villain was not the club he used.. Neither was it the NCA, the National Club Association. The true killer was Cain, and the reason for the murder could only be found in Cain’s heart.

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2012 Update – The Mayan Hoopla

L.A. Marzulli | Good perspective on the whole 2012 fiasco by L.A. Marzulli.

Authority Trumps Power

Authority Trumps Power| I don’t play cards. Never have. Apologies to those of you who do. It’s just too boring.

Luke 10:19 “I have given you authority to . . . overcome
all the power of the enemy
 . . .” NIV

But I do understand the word “trump.” It means that any card you are holding of a particular suit, at that moment, outranks the other suits, and the card you hold is able to excel any card of another suit. At that time, it’s superior, it outdoes all the rest. (The Donald must love this definition if he happens to be reading!)

By biblical definition, according to Luke chapter 10, the authority given to us by Christ, trumps, excels the power of Satan.

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The Moon Turned Blood Red (Part 2)

The Moon Turned Blood Red (Part 2)

Jan Douglas Bish | During the brief period of “totality” when the sun is turned to darkness, the sun is completely covered by the moon coming between the sun and the earth and the beautiful corona, the tenuous outer atmosphere of the sun is revealed. Totality of the darkness may last as long as 7 minutes 31 seconds.

NASA reports that before the Blood Moons of 1967 (which heralded the  reunification of Jerusalem by Israel), we had four Blood Moons, right after Israel became a nation in 1948 and it happened again in 1949 and 1950 on Passover and Succoth.

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The Lord Of Hosts Vows To Protect Israel

Prophet Dr. David Owuor | Prophet Dr. David Owuor has a vision from the Lord. He sees heavenly hosts being released to protect Israel.

Crash Course In The Supernatural!

Rob Rennie | Science is limited in its ability to explain many aspects of the world around us. If atheists don’t come to embrace this fact, they’ll continue to have no basis for understanding scripture.

Atheists, I love you and want you to learn the truth.

I wouldn’t be here saying highly unpopular things if I didn’t know them to be 100% true. I’ve lost friends, relationships, family, and have gone through a lot of struggles to bring you the information presented on this site.

If I were out to make money, like some are suggesting, I wouldn’t be here. I’d be on Wall Street working for some firm.

The question you should be asking yourself is, ‘Why do Christians willingly go through hardship and even death in order to proclaim the Gospel message?’ All over the world, Christians have been burned alive, murdered, thrown into prison, decapitated and beaten by angry mobs simply for practicing their faith.

I recommend watching The Persecution Report to learn how Christians are routinely gunned down in their places of worship, assaulted and locked away in prisons on an ongoing basis. And yet, despite everything, they continue to hold fast to their faith.

I submit to you that the reason Christians go through such extreme hardship is because we are ‘the resistance’ in a spiritual war between good and evil and that people’s eternal souls hang in the balance.

But the question now becomes, how do you explain this reality to someone who doesn’t believe in the things of the spirit?

Watch the following video series in its entirety and then ask yourself whether science can truly explain these phenomena.

“But testimonies and personal experience aren’t real evidence!” I know, I know, but humor me. Show me you have an open mind.

So without further ado . . .

PART I: Near-Death Experiences (NDE’s)

Part II: Sleep Paralysis

PART III: New Age Occultism

PART IV: Demonic Possession

PART V: End Times Prophecy

PART VI: Fulfilled Prophecy

PART VII: Divine Healing

PART VIII: Satanism In Hip-Hop

Part IX: Personal Testimonies of Jesus Christ














Rob Rennie | The Lord is increasing my discernment to the point where I can see into the spirit realm with more clarity than before. I call it spirit-vision.

Every so often, I get demonic dreams at night caused by demons in the heavenlies above my house who try to harass me  while I’m sleeping.

I know the dreams are demonically-inspired because they sometimes wake me up and when they do, I rebuke them in Jesus’ name and they stop immediately, the evil feeling leaves and there’s peace again.

But there’s another way I know. I can see them now.

The Lord’s given me what I’m calling spirit-vision. When I’m laying awake in bed staring into the darkness, I can actually see what’s going on in the spirit realm above my house.

At first, I thought it was going on in my room, but no.

The only way I could describe it is it’s like a holographic projection in front of my eyes that allows me to see figures and faces that take all kinds of strange, evil-looking forms. These figures are not in color and they’re not incredibly detailed, but I can make out their faces and bodies.

As I was saying before, when I wake during a demonic dream, I see them looking at me and when they realize I can see them, their happy expressions turn upside down. This tells me that they enjoy causing me distress, but they can’t stand it when I rebuke them and send them to the pit.

They’re not physically in the room anymore like when I used to have full-blown episodes of sleep paralysis. I can tell that they’re doing this from an outside position, but it’s nonetheless tiresome.

The good news is that I’ve prayed to God for protection from this kind of ‘attack’ last night for the first time and I slept like a baby.


Next time you have a nightmare, say, “I rebuke you in Jesus’ name” and if you’re really calling out with sincerity to the Lord, I guarantee you it will stop. The Lord will help you, even if you’re a nonbeliever.

Let me know what your experiences are in the comments section below.

Me, Bitter: How I Got Delivered From Bitterness

Rob Rennie | I had sin on my life the other day, so I asked the Holy Spirit to identify it for me and get rid of it.

Repentance needs to be a constant thing, I don’t care if you’re Billy Graham.

Christians actually need to repent more than most people because we’re under constant spiritual attack.

The problem is, too many people, Christians and non-Christians included, aren’t willing to admit that they have sin on their life, which I believe comes from a misunderstanding of what it means to be righteous.

Ask anyone on the street what it means to be righteous and they will most likely tell you it means doing the right thing, or being a good person.

Besides being extremely vague, these definitions are open to interpretation because “the right thing” could have more than one meaning depending on who you ask.

Real righteousness is knowing that you’re a sinner, humbling yourself and asking God for forgiveness whenever you trespass against his laws.

God, through his Word, gave us universal spiritual laws meant to dictate our morality. In the Bible, it says, “But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel. After those days, saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts, and will be their God and they shall be my people.” (Jeremiah 31:33)

We all have God’s laws written in our hearts. This is why, no matter how young you are, you have an innate understanding as to what’s right and wrong. Now whether you follow this hard-wired code is another story.

But these are real laws, meant for our own good, that carry with them real physical and spiritual repercussions.

So let me share what happened to me this past week . . .

The night after interviewing Seth Andrews, radio talk show host of The Thinking Atheist, I did a show responding to the interview called, ‘Thoughts On Atheism.’

During the show, I went on a tirade and said some left-handed things about atheists and atheism in general that opened a spiritual door, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Toward the end of the show, I did notice, however, that my spiritual hedge of protection was gone, but I didn’t know why.

If we’re in God’s will and walking with him, he protects us, but lifts this protection when we sin. The reason He does this is to alert us to the fact that we’ve sinned and that we need to ask for repentance.

Anyway, toward the end of the show, my house was totally overrun by the demonic. They barged in, stripped me of my spiritual armor and started afflicting my spirit.

I have the discernment, so I know when the demonic is around and I know when my spirit is being touched because I get a woozy feeling, like Superman and kryptonite.

Needless to say, this startled me to the point where I went outside to get away from them. Once outside, I felt better, but  they followed me outside. I prayed for God to protect me and He immediately sent angels to protect me, which I was thankful for.

After praying in tongues and waging spiritual war for a while, they left my house and I went to bed. No sleep paralysis, no demonic dream, everything seemed okay.

This was a trick, though. They didn’t want me to think I had committed sin. My thoughts up to this point were that they were attacking me purely as a way of changing things up and throwing me off guard.

The next day, after going on T.V. with Joe Cohen of New Hope In The Lord Ministries, I still noticed that I was feeling ill, my soul was wounded and I didn’t know why (when we sin, our soul gets wounded).

Finally, it dawned on me that I had sin on my life (and a demon, which always accompanies sin).

Since I had no clue what it could be, I asked the Holy Spirit, who told me it was a demon of violence. There are basically five classifications of demons (insecurity, religion, sex, violence, and generational sin).

I knew that if I could identify what demon it was, I could repent for the sin and get the spirit off of me. After looking up a list of demons on Google, the Holy Spirit told me that it was ‘bitterness.’

That’s when I realized that I had said some bitter words the night before on my radio show. God did not like this, He judged it as sin and this opened up a spiritual door that allowed the demonic to get to me.

After repenting and saying I”m sorry to God, he accepted my apology and I asked him to deliver me in Jesus’ name. I started speaking in tongues and lo and behold, I felt a warm pins and needles feeling coming from the top of my head and upper back. Something left me. Afterward, I felt lighter, happier, and more at peace.

Before, I had this underlying feeling of anger, and discontent, which was really ‘bitterness,’ who was subtly influencing my spiritual and emotional state.

This is what being under demonic influence is like. It’s not like the movie, “The Excorcist,” where the main character’s head is spinning around vomiting split pea soup. It’s a very subtle spiritual influence.

Once one demon is in, it’s goal is to get you to commit other sins, which would allow more and more demonic spiritual influence into your life, so it’s important to get them off of you as soon as possible.


Pray to God and tell him you’re sorry for committing sin. Ask him to deliver you from any spiritual influences you have on your life. Do this on a regular basis. Consider it spiritual housekeeping.




What Christianity Is Not

Rob Rennie | There’s so much damage-control that needs to be done regarding how to define true Christianity versus being religious that you’ve got to start somewhere.

The ultimate role-model and teacher for what it means to be a true Christian is our Lord Jesus Christ. Consider the following facts straight out of the New Testament.

  1. Jesus said that he was the son of God, communicated with God, went around delivering people from demons and supernaturally healing the sick.
  2. Jesus was ostracized by the religious people of his time to the point where they conspired to kill him, which they did.
  3. Jesus said to his disciples that they were to spread the Gospel and save souls through the blood of the lamb, the word of their testimony and Holy Spirit-inspired miracles, signs, and wonders.

Now here’s what Christianity is not . . .

  1. Going to church on Sunday, or Saturday for that matter
  2. Good preaching
  3. Wearing your Sunday best
  4. Not eating meat on Friday
  5. Lent
  6. Having family over for Christmas and Easter
  7. Arguing over miniscule details of scripture
  8. Being celibate
  9. “Tolerance” toward other faiths
  10. Communion on the first Sunday of the month
  11. Singing hymns
  12. Gospel albums
  13. Christian talk radio
  14. Getting ashes on your forehead
  15. A Pastoral popularity contest
  16. Elaborate prayers
  17. A holier than thou attitude
  18. A Pastor’s blessing
  19. Confessionals
  20. Rote memorization of scripture
  21. Feeling guilty
  22. A list of do’s and don’ts
  23. Lifeless, mechanical prayers like the Hail Mary
  24. Stadium-sized churches
  25. Reading Christian apologetics
  26. Self-flagellation
  27. Fear of condemnation
  28. An excuse to hate others
  29. All talk, no action
  30. Singing in the choir
  31. Gothic architecture
  32. Ornate robes
  33. Incense
  34. Statues
  35. Really old stuff
The church has become corrupt and worldly, which is why people are turning away from the Christian faith in large numbers.

If we started preaching the real Gospel again . . .

  • You can have a real personal relationship with God where he speaks back to you.
  • It’s possible to know God’s will and be in it.
  • It’s possible to rid yourself and others of demonically-inspired sicknesses and various other psychological problems.
  • You don’t have to live in fear, guilt, depression, or any other demonically-inspired reality
  • We have a soul that can get wounded by the sin in our lives.
  • God expects us to be in a sinless state, constantly checking ourselves and in repentance, something we can only hope to accomplish through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Most Christians and Pastors need deliverance from demons.
  • It’s our duty to have an active prayer life where we intercede for others and against the spiritual wickedness in high places.
  • We are all expected to fulfill the great commission in some form or fashion, whether that’s sharing your testimony with a friend, starting your own website or blog, YouTube channel, TV or radio show, church, or standing on a street corner handing out tracts.
  • Before making big decisions, we should be consulting God for guidance and direction.
  • We should be in intimate relationship with God and the only way to do this is by spending time with him in prayer.
  • We should be reading the Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit, who prompts our understanding.
  • Spiritual open doors allow demons into our lives that then begin to subtly influence our thoughts, emotions, and even physical well-being.
  • The whole world is under the power of enemy
  • There is a hell and many Christians who don’t live in close relationship with God and who don’t constantly repent of their sins will end up there.
The reason this doesn’t get preached is because it’s too challenging for most people. They’re not ready to hear the truth and the church itself is too afraid of alienating people and their dollars.



There’s a great book by Rick James called, Jesus Without Religion. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning more about what Jesus’ death on the cross really means.







Atheist Professor In Hell Best Testimony! (NDE) | Atheist professor, Howard Storm, has a near death experience, goes to hell, comes back and becomes a Reverend. One of the best testimonies I’ve ever heard.

My Studies Into The Scientific Evidence “Disproving” The Existence of God

Rob Rennie | We live in a world where science, rather than disproving the existence of God, is making it more apparent that God exists.

I’m tired of hearing these bogus arguments about how science and belief in God are mutually exclusive, so I decided to make a list of all the evidence we already have that shows the opposite, or at the very least, proves that the science is inconclusive.

Of course, I don’t expect this to sway anyone’s opinion because evolutionists tend to already have their minds made up. “God is evil because he killed a bunch of people in the Old Testament so he can’t be real. End of story.” You know how that goes.

However, unlike what evolutionists would have you believe, there is in fact scientific evidence from real scientists (with PhD’s and everything) that supports a creationist viewpoint.

Before we begin, I would like to direct you to some resources:

Partial list of creation scientists

Creation Ministries International 

Darwinism Refuted

Center for Scientific Creation


Walt Brown’s In the Beginning

Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

Creation Research Society

Encyclopedia of Creation Science

A.E. Wilders Smith (Triple PhD creationist)

Raymond V. Damadian (Inventor of the MRI machine)

Richard Lumsden (Former evolutionist turned creationist)

Answers in Genesis

The True Origin Archive

This is a small sampling of the body of knowledge that exists out there in internet-land on the topic, readily available for anyone who’s willing to put the time in.

As we proceed, we must remember that everyone has an agenda. One simply can’t point to one set of “evidence” or another and claim that the battle’s been won without examining both sides. So that is exactly what I’m going to do.

#1) Big Bang Theory Still A Theory

The evolutionist says:

The universe had a finite beginning. It’s been theorized that the first organisms were self-replicating proteins, or through ‘panspermia’, were deposited here on earth from alien life-forms billions of years ago.

The creationist says:

Yes, the universe did have a finite beginning, we know that matter simply doesn’t organize itself and that RNA would have had to appear naturally as a coherent enzyme in order to drive Darwinian evolution, the chances of which would have been infinitesimally small. This is demonstrative of intelligent design.

Rob says:

After examining both sides, I have to say the creationist argument is more convincing. At least they don’t conjure up images of spaceships and little green men. And if we did descend from aliens, who created the aliens?

#2) The Earth Is Thousands, Not Billions Of Years Old

The evolutionist says:

Evidence showing the earth is 4.54 billion years old and the universe 14.5 billion years old is overwhelming.

a) Lack of DNA in fossils – DNA decomposes at a steady rate. If the earth were young, then a sizable percent of dinosaur fossils would contain detectable amounts of DNA.

b) Radiometric dating – Radiometric dating measures the rate of decay of unstable atoms into more stable atoms. Most objects have been dated older than 10,000 years old.

c) Space weathering – Extra-terrestrial objects like asteroids tend to develop a red tint. By observing the color of an object, we can come to a generally reliable estimate of how old it is.

d) Stalactites – Stalactites in caverns grow at a rate of .1mm in length per year. If we extrapolate based on the length of stalactites which in some cases are very large, in order for there to have been enough time for them to form, the earth must have been very old.

e) Impact Craters – One large crater found in Antartica would have wiped out all life on earth, a fact that does not fit well with the creationist model. Also, since there are more than 100 craters on the earth, and we know that asteroids hitting the earth are extremely rare, this leads us to the conclusion that the earth is very old.

f) Human Y Chromosomal Ancestry – Y chromosomes are inherited by the father and would indicate one common ancestor, but this doesn’t mean that we are all descendants of one man, rather that all progeny on earth was fathered by one man who out-competed the others.

g) Dendrochronology – By observing tree rings, we can estimate that the earth is at least 10,000 years old.

h) Continental Drift – Satellite data has shown us that continents are moving at 2 cm per year. Based on fossil deposits and geological formations between tectonic plates, there is evidence that all the continents were at one time one land mass. For the continents to have their current spatial relation, the earth would have had to have been very old.

To name but a few examples.

The creationist responds:

a) Lack of DNA in fossils? Dinosaur fossils entombed in sandstone have been found to contain red blood cells, heme and other organic materials despite mineralization due to water and oxygen. Based on this fact, we can conclude that dinosaurs fossils contain DNA and are much younger in age than commonly reported.

b) Radiometric dating? Radiometric dating, with the exception of Carbon 14 dating, is grossly unreliable due to the fact that we don’t know 1) Whether the decay rate was constant 2) How much uranium or other trace elements were originally present in the materials 3) If heat contamination, as in a volcanic eruption, or leaching of uranium out of the material occurred due to its being under water.

c) Space Weathering? There is no evidence to show what the original tint was on a particular object. The Bible does not go into depth regarding conditions in space.

d) Stalactites? Contrary to the belief that stalactite growth is uniform across the board, stalactite growth in certain parts of the world, like Siberia, has been shown to be very rapid. It’s been reported that rainfall affects the rate of growth of stalactites.

e) Impact Craters? These are not necessarily ‘impact craters.’ Some are reported to have been underground nuclear test explosions, others could have been maars craters, which are created by an explosive expansion of magmatic gas or steam. If they are impact craters, whose to say they all didn’t happen at the same time, rather than over ‘billions’ of years?

f) Human Y Chromosomal Ancestry? Dorit et al. recently investigated the variation in a segment on the human Y chromosome from men from 38 different ethnic groups around the world. The result show there is absolutely no variation in the introns (consisting of 729 base pairs). Clearly, we are descendants of one man.

g) Dendrochronology? Trees have been shown to produce multiple rings in wet years as well as short dry years. To assume tree rings have formed in a uniform manner throughout history is not likely, nor supported by science.

h) Continental Drift? Evidence shows us that the continents split apart quite rapidly, not slowly over billions of years. Looking at how sedimentary rock has been severely distorted in many parts of the world, how polystrate fossils such as trees  have been found embedded vertically across several layers of strata, unpetrified tree trunks without roots have been found just below the earth’s surface, and fault lines like the San Andreas in California only seem to have been active for a few thousand years, not billions, we can conclude something catastrophic occurred that sped up the process of the continents drifting apart.

Rob says:

Initially, the ‘overwhelming’ science for the earth being billions of years old seems insurmountable, but after taking a closer look, I can see that there is plausible evidence that calls into question each and every assumption made by evolutionists. It’s disingenuous for evolutionary scientists to claim victory on this front when the “evidence” is at the very least, inconclusive. There isn’t enough evidence to believe that certain key factors didn’t at times speed up the time clock of “evolution”.

#3. Evidence For Noah’s Flood

The evolutionist says:

There is scant evidence for a global flood, based on the following.

a) The Water – It’s simply not possible for there to have been enough water to cover the whole earth as high as Mt. Everest. A vapor canopy big enough to cause that amount of rain would raise atmospheric pressure and nitrogen and oxygen to toxic levels. A hydoplate model, which states that the water came from a rupture in the earth’s crust about ten miles underground, would have been super-heated, causing Noah’s family to be boiled alive.

b) Makeshift boat – It’s impossible for a 450 foot wooden ship to be made seaworthy.

c) Logistics -Too many logistical problems in finding every species of animal in one climate zone, getting them on the ship, and feeding them the correct diets for them to be able to survive.

d) Polar Ice caps – If there were a global flood, the ice caps would have broken up, and not regrown.

e) Geological Record – Fossils have been sorted in an order convenient for evolution.

f) Species survival and Post-flood Ecology – How did all modern plants and fish survive because freshwater and saltwater fish would have been taken out of their natural habitat.

g) Species Distribution and Diversity – How did animals like koalas get from Mt. Ararat to Australia? How did so many unique species get to remote islands

h) Historical Aspects – Why is there no record of the flood in Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization? How did the population rebound so fast? Why is there such great diversity in the flood myths at the time?

The creationist says:

a) The Water – The water came from deep underneath the earth’s crust, as a result of plate tectonics.

b) Makeshift boat – A builder has reconstructed Noah’s ark using the ancient measure of cubits. Some naval engineers say that it would have been seaworthy.

c) Logistics – It’s been shown that the ark was big enough to fit 16,000 animals, many of which were small. Also, their ‘care’ was not as important to the voyage as much as their survival. Substitute diets would have allowed certain animals whose diets are highly specialized to have at least survived for one year.

d) Polar Ice-caps – There were no ice caps before the flood. After the flood, as the waters receded, vast ice caps would have developed.

e) Geological Record – The geological record is unreliable due to the existence of polystrate fossils, clastic dikes, volcanic eruptions, turbidity currents, and other phenomena that have challenged uniformitarian thinking.

f) Historical Aspects – The Cree, Tolec Indians, ancient Persia, Greece, India, China, Mesopotamia, and Hawaii are just a few of the over 270 cultures that have their own flood legend where the following three aspects of the story have been kept intact: 1) a flood wiped out all life on earth 2) there was a sea vessel 3) people and animals were on the vessel. The best known of these tales is ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh.’

Rob says:

The evolutionists are right. There isn’t enough evidence for a global flood. My spirit tells me, however, that it wasn’t global. It was local. Think about it. God wouldn’t have needed to flood the entire earth in order to kill off a large segment of the population because most humans at the time resided in and around the fertile crescent (between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers). This also solves the water issue, the displaced animals issue, the polar ice caps issue, and the question of Egypt being a mighty nation shortly after the flood occurred. Our English Bible may have indeed had a misinterpretation of the original Hebrew, as some suggest. Even National Geographic acknowledges that a localized flood around the time of Noah did in fact occur.

#4) The Grand Canyon

The evolutionist says:

The Colorado River carved out the Grand Canyon over billions of years.

The creationist says:

Either the Grand Canyon was carved out by a world-wide Biblical flood, or a complex series of catastrophic events, like various Ice ages, separation of the Mid-Atlantic and other oceanic ridges as described in hydroplate theory, asteroids, comets, meteors etc.

Rob says:

To me, the creationist view is the more likely one. As I write this, a new study has just been put out stating that the Grand Canyon was once divided into two separate sections, and that some catastrophic event must have occurred: “The evidence suggests the western Grand Canyon was cut to within 70 percent of its current depth of 3,200 feet (1,000 meters) long before the Colorado River existed.” The study also claims the Canyon is younger than believed. My view is that the Grand Canyon was not caused by a Biblical flood, but by a series of catastrophic events throughout history, the likes of which we don’t completely understand.

#5) All Human Beings Genetically Identical

The evolutionist says:

Humans are genetically identical because we all evolved from single-celled organisms in the primordial ooze. Humans and apes evolved from a third, common ancestor. Furthermore, it’s been shown that humans have a large percentage of the same genetic material as a monkey, ape, cow, or pig.

The creationist says:

There’s no scientific evidence we evolved from single-celled organisms. Evolution is still an unproven theory with no concrete backing. National Geographic’s Genographic Project has shown that 99.9% of all humans share the exact same genetics and that our descendants came from a region in or around Africa. This evidence does not conflict with the Biblical account and in fact confirms it. If evolution were true, humans would have varying amounts of genetic material in common and there might be differing species and variation between humans.

Rob says:

The evolutionists are out on a limb on this one. Sure, we have genetic material in common with monkeys and pigs, but what kind? Geneticist Chris Moran says it’s misleading to say human genes are 98% similar to those of a pig because all living things have basic biological functions that are carried out by certain proteins. With regard to the missing link, it’s never been found and Piltdown man and other supposed discoveries have been revealed to be hoaxes. Furthermore, Haldane’s dilemma, popularized by former evolutionist John Haldane, states that there wouldn’t have been enough time to allow for favorable genetic mutations resulting in ape to human evolution when you crunch the numbers. As far as I can see, there is zero evidence humans evolved from single-celled organisms. Creationists win.



Clearly, the “science” is not bulletproof and shows that at the very least, there is still much we don’t know. However, if I had to choose a winner based on the evidence that already exists, I would say creationists win. I know, I know. Big surprise. But the fact is, I looked at the evidence, and tried to be as objective as possible. If I’m basing my conclusions on our current body of knowledge, which is considerable, I still say evolution is bogus.

It’s main weakness is that it fails to acknowledge the questions we still don’t have an answer to. Questions like, where did we come from? Where did the universe come from? What is our purpose?

You can argue that these aren’t scientific questions, but you know what, they’re the exact same questions the very first scientists asked when they set out to understand God’s creation. Yes, the first scientists were creationists and they saw no contradiction between science and faith.

At the end of the day, you can say the human body has a cardiovascular system, a pulmonary system, a lymphatic system etc. and give scientific-sounding names to all of the organelles involved, but you still can’t explain to me how all of that tissue has a consciousness, can think, can animate, and come alive. Science can’t do that.

Those are the limitations of science and anyone who says different is in stubborn rebellion to the facts.


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Must Read Books

Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells

Darwin’s Black Box by Michael J. Behe

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis by Michael Denton

Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design by Stephen C. Meyer

The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and It’s Scientific Pretensions by David Berlinski



If you’re still not convinced that science has weaknesses and by itself doesn’t explain life as we know it, at the very least, you’re forced to admit that God MIGHT exist and in all actuality probably does. After all, we have a lot of theistic evolutionists out there as well who at least admit they believe in God.

Radio talk show host, Seth Andrews of ‘The Thinking Atheist’ said it best during our interview when he said, “You can’t prove God doesn’t exist.”

Humble yourself and ask God’s forgiveness for your turning away from his truth. He’ll hear you and come rushing back into your life. Make Jesus your Lord and Savior and start having a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe today.

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How Lust Crept Back In

Rob Rennie | I stupidly let the spirit of lust back inside me for about four hours this past weekend.

If there’s any sin I’m intimately familiar with, it’s lust. I first let it in years ago, when I used to fantasize about the women I saw in pornographic magazines. It stayed on me for a total of about eighteen years until I came to know the Lord personally and he delivered me from it.

This is all very recent, as I’ve only started cultivating a personal relationship with the Lord for the past few years. Before that, I was like most Christians. I went to church on Sundays out of a sense of guilt or habit and would live like the rest of the world for the other six days out of the week.

While the spirit of lust was on my life, I was a wreck because I became obsessed with women to the point where I would forget about everything else that was going on in my life. There was this intense sexual neediness on my part, which ended up sabotaging any real chances I had at cultivating a healthy relationship with a woman, not to mention it made life extremely frustrating. I also tended to get bored quickly with women, so I had to constantly seek out someone new to hold my attention.

Well, praise God I’ve been lust-free for a a few years now. Right now, my life is much more put together. However, I let the spirit of lust back into my life this past weekend while browsing YouTube. Here’s how it happened.

I was considering moving to Chile to teach ESL because I no longer see any opportunity in America. All I see is the inevitable collapse of the U.S. economy, but that’s for another post. I decided that I should stay, but not because things are going to get better, but because the Lord started telling me that I was thinking like Jonah, running away from my assignment. He’s done this through speaking to my heart, through scriptural verses he’s randomly shown me, and through other people.

Anyway, before all of that, as I was imagining the move, I thought I’d check out what Chilean women looked like to see if they were hot or not. That was my first mistake.

After checking out some videos of Chilean women on YouTube, which were ‘interesting’ I saw related videos for Russian women and that’s when it all went down hill. I didn’t masturbate or anything. I was just looking.

But it didn’t matter. Somewhere along the line, I allowed myself to covet some of the women I was looking at. It must have been an unconscious decision on my part because I’ve gotten pretty good at not lusting anymore. Maybe God is holding me to a higher standard now.

The way I can tell that I’ve sinned is my hedge of protection gets broken. In the Word, it says if you break your hedge, you will get bitten by a snake (Ecclesiastes 10:8). This is true and I’ve experienced this many times.

We all have a spiritual hedge of protection around us when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. But this hedge gets broken when we sin. It doesn’t matter if we’re saved.

Also, it’s important to remember that if we die in a state of sin, we will go to hell. This is contrary to the teaching of many churches, but quite frankly, the churches are wrong.

I believe  the Lord allows our hedge to be broken so that our sin in conjunction with the influence-peddling of the enemy combine resulting in negative circumstances in our life that eventually bring us to repentance.

When I sin and my hedge gets broken, I start to feel ill, I get aches and pains in my body, my prayers aren’t as strong, and I feel separated from the Lord. If I’m doing prayer intercession, I will feel the demonic pushing my arms down, overpowering me more easily.

But the Lord lets me feel these things so that I know I need to get right with him. I believe this is how it’s supposed to work for everybody.

When bad things happen, people are quick to blame God, but what they don’t understand is that it’s our own free will and sin that allows evil to enter into our lives. This evil is what destroys us.

In my case, I was feeling ill for no reason, so I started to pray and test my spirit. That’s when I detected that I was being demonically influenced. I prayed to the Holy Spirit asking him to reveal to me what kind of sin and how it get in. He revealed to me that it was lust, so that’s when I started praying in tongues, asking the Lord to deliver me.

After about thirty seconds of praying in tongues, I could sense a warm pins and needles feeling coming from the top of my head and my back. After this feeling subsided, I knew that the spirit was gone and that I’d been delivered. I felt physically much improved and lighter and airy.

This is what we need to do on a constant basis. We need to monitor our spirit to see if we’re in right standing with the Lord. Sometimes we aren’t and there would be no way for us to know other than to periodically check.


Test your spirit to see if you’ve opened the door to lust by asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. He will reveal it to you if you humble yourself and repent of your sins in a real, heartfelt way. Once you’ve done that, it helps to be able to pray in tongues. If you haven’t done that I would just command the spirit to leave in Jesus name. Directly address it and use the authority Jesus gave you to force it out of your life.






Skyfall, Huh? Strange Themes In The New Bond Flick

Rob Rennie | What’s up with the new Bond movie? It’s got an awful lot of shady, occult messaging in it. I wonder why.

Saw the new Bond. I’m a big Daniel Craig fan, so I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. The problem was my discernment was giving me the spidey-sense the whole time.

For you newbies out there, spiritual discernment is one of the gifts of the spirit God gives us. Mine is always working, which means I can always tell when something has either one of three spirits on it. Either 1) Holy Spirit 2) Spirit of Man, or 3) Spirit of the enemy (satan).

Fact is, the enemy leaves his fingerprints on things like pop music, movies, articles, books, entire religions, and even businesses who’ve shed the blood of animals and humans in exchange for worldly success. If you don’t think this stuff is real, you have to check out this great documentary on YouTube called, ‘Satanism in Hip-Hop.’

The point is, I can feel when certain people have the demonic around them, the angelic, or the Holy Spirit around them. In the case of “Skyfall,” the new James Bond movie, I could clearly sense that the enemy was involved with its production in some form or fashion.

How does this work? Well, I presume that certain people in Hollywood are either overt satan-worshipers and directly influence the making of particular films, which isn’t a stretch for me to say, since so many in the industry have already reported this (check out this piece on, or the makers of the film were being subtly influenced by the demonic without them being aware of that fact. This can happen when a person has unrepentant sin on their life (which is most people), so it may be a bit of both.

Spoiler Alert! I’m going to go through some of the covert themes in “Skyfall” that come in under the radar, but whose origin is clearly demonic.

1) Opening scene where Bond is shot by another Mi6 agent while struggling with a spy on top of a moving train carriage.

Here, ‘mother’ or ‘M’ back at Mi6 gives an order to Bond’s back-up agent to shoot and take-out the spy, even if it means the possibility of hitting Bond.  She shoots and Bond gets taken out, falling hundreds of feet below into a rushing river. He’s shown in a state of rigor mortis as the current tosses his lifeless body over a waterfall. The opening credits roll while showing death imagery, blood swirling around in the water, illustrations of the afterlife, and other imagery that all point to Bond’s death, and the possibility of this being the last Bond film.

They set up this Jesus character in James Bond, who shortly after, is ‘resurrected’ and against all odds, somehow survives. Later on in the movie, Bond is asked what he’s been up to lately and his response is, ‘resurrection.’

2) Underlying concept of the need for secret organizations, despite real world evidence showing the exact opposite.

The Bourne series was a lot more accurate as to what really goes on in secret organizations like the CIA and Mi6. I”m talking in terms of the corruption that goes on at the highest levels, not the ridiculous action scenes. The Bond movies on the other hand are all glamorized to show 1) how cool and sexy it is to be a secret agent 2) how agents are needed to keep evil people at bay. The truth is, spiritual wickedness and evil use unaccountable organizations like the CIA and Mi6 to manipulate world events. If you look into the history of the CIA, for example, it’s pretty dark. Check out “The Secrets of the CIA” on YouTube if you want to learn more.

The point is, in a world where we relied on God rather than ourselves, we wouldn’t need these agencies. They would be redundant because the Lord would be the one to protect us, not spooks. The message in the film is we can’t rely on God.

3) Villain, Chiago Rodriguez is supposed to represent satan

In the film, Chiago Rodriguez, played by Javier Bardem, wants to get even with M for something that happened years ago. He supposedly was a “great agent” who got captured during a mission and M was forced to make a deal whereby Mi6 would get a number of agents in return for Chiago’s life. So in the film, Rodriguez’ motivation for destroying Mi6 and coming after M is to get even with her for abandoning him.

This story-line is meant to parallel that of God and the devil. satan was an angel of light until he sinned against God. God condemned satan to the earth until the Judgement, giving him no recourse. M is God and Chiago is satan.

In the film, Rodriguez makes his own missions, as he says, instead of following orders from M, or Mi6. This is meant to demonstrate what satan does when he influences humanity to follow after their own desires outside of God’s will.

4) The name ‘Skyfall’

There’s nothing Biblical about ‘Skyfall’, but it does bring to mind Chicken Little, ‘The sky is falling, the sky is falling!’ I think this choice of title was made to poke fun at the people in the body of Christ who are trying to warn humanity about Jesus’ return, all the while sprinkling Biblical imagery throughout the entire film, in an attempt to further make fun.

In the movie, ‘Skyfall’ is James Bond’s childhood estate in Scotland, so they are trying to make a connection between this name and the idea of a ‘beginning’ or Genesis, if you will, with some kind of connotation to original sin.

5) ‘Think on your sins’

The Bond villain, Chiago Rodriguez is a computer hacker who sends cryptic messages. Multiple times in the film, the message is coded as ‘Think on your sins.’ In the film, these messages are directed toward M (the God character), but are subconsciously directed toward the audience as well. I believe the spirit behind this film is poking fun at humanity’s need for repentance for their sins knowing that most people hardly think about sin whatsoever.

Subliminally, I believe this is a message acknowledging that the enemy knows we are close to the end and that we will ultimately be judged by our sins at the very end.

6) Imagery surrounding the final battle and next to last scene in the movie

The final battle between Bond, M and Rodriguez happens at the Bond estate, Skyfall. This is not by accident. I believe this is meant to portray the battle that is raging right now in the spirit realm between the angelic and the demonic where the fight is over human souls, ultimate truth and what happened at the very beginning of time. The enemy, of course seeks to misinform and deceive humanity and the angelic seeks to bring people into relationship with the one true God.

7) Culminating scene where Rodriguez has the chance to murder M in a church

After a lot of gun-fighting and mercenaries are shot, Rodriguez, M, Bond and an old caretaker remain. M and the old caretaker head to an abandoned church. Bond is slightly behind after falling into a frozen pond. Rodriguez gets to the church first, and immediately says something to the effect of ‘How appropriate that we’re in a church.’ Once again, the religious significance of the God-devil story-line is being highlighted by the makers of this film.

Rodriguez then does something strange. He gives his gun to M, puts his head against hers and asks him to pull the trigger because he “cannot.” This is yet another nod to the religious symbolism at work here. satan can’t kill God. In order for the devil to put out of his misery, God would have to abdicate his role, which he would of course, never do. satan will be cast into the pit no matter what he does.

Bond (Jesus character) finally arrives on the scene and throws a knife at Rodriguez’ back, killing him. M dies in Bond’s arms anyway from a wound she had gotten earlier while dodging bullets at the estate.

Bond as Jesus is supposed to make us feel like a good guy’s role is to take orders from God, no matter what, leaving us with the sense that to be ‘good’ is somehow mindless or unfair. This parallel’s Bond’s blind nationalism perfectly. This is a covert message that isn’t meant to appear in our subconscious right away, but possibly days, or weeks later, which is why it’s so dangerous.

Takeaway Message:

Be careful with what you watch because there are subliminal themes and messages in everything we watch that subtly influence our way of thinking without our realizing it. That’s what Hollywood is all about. So be prayerful about it and stay vigilant.


Next time you watch a movie, ask the Lord if there’s anything he wants to reveal to you through the movie. Pray for discernment and ask the Lord what kind of spirit is on it. It will either be the spirit of man, spirit of God, or the spirit of the enemy. If it has the spirit of the enemy on it, ask the Lord to show you how, or why.


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