God’s Personality

Rob Rennie | God has a personality. If we read scripture, we know that God loves, gets sad, jealous, angry, and experiences other emotions.




I’m Rob Rennie and this is your minute of eternity. People often ask, if God is all powerful, why does he describe himself as jealous and at times, angry in certain passages? Aren’t these negative characteristics? This is a good question because people tend to forget that God has a personality. He’s a real being with real thoughts and emotions. He feels joy and pain as we do. He’s not this cruel, heartless dictator many make him out to be. The reason he gets jealous and angry sometimes is because he loves us and provides for all our needs, just like a father provides for his family, but understandbly gets upset when we fail to give him thanks, or acknowledge him for it. How many parents out there react the same way when their children start acting spoiled or start to expect certain things without appreciating where they come from? I’m Rob Rennie and this has been your minute of eternity. Visit eternalplanner.com for more on how to deepen your walk with God.



Photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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