God Removes His Hand Of Protection Over America


Glynda Lomax | Glynda’s latest prophetic words given to her by God: “I Do Not Honor It.”




You are entering a difficult time, My people, but you need not fear if you are walking with Me.


Laws and governing forces are changing hands in ways you cannot even imagine behind the scenes as well as in plain sight.
The consequences of some of these changes shall astound you in future times. It is as has been foretold, when a country does not honor Me as God, I do not honor it as Mine. When I remove My hand of blessing from a nation, the enemy gains access to its people as never before.
This is what you must prepare for. You prepare by knowing Me and My Word, for My Word is your primary weapon. I stand  ready to perform it on your behalf at all times, you need only speak and claim its promises, for they are yours if you are truly Mine.
Are you truly Mine?


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Photo credit: qthomasbower / Foter.com /CC BY-SA