“Get Out Of My House In The Name Of Jesus”

Rob Rennie | Jacquie Hagler told a robber to “Get out of my house in the name of Jesus” and he did. Tremendous story of the Gospel in action.




I’m Rob Rennie and this is your minute of eternity. On Monday, an armed robber in Lake City, Florida, attempted to steal jewelry from a group of women at a jewelery party. The hostess, Jacquie Hagler told the robber to quote, “Get out of my house in the name of Jesus,” after which the other women present began repeatedly shouting the name of Jesus. The robber immediately fled after seeing something that alarmed him. This story is a lesson to all believers that we need to have faith in the Lord’s promises that “nothing shall by any means hurt us.” We live in a supernatural world and by using the authority of the name of Jesus, we can move mountains and overcome any evil. I’m Rob Rennie and this has been your minute of eternity.




Photo credit: CarbonNYC / Foter.com / CC BY

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