Evangelize Your Friends!

*If you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to share the content of this website with friends or family, I would encourage you to do so.

The easiest way to evangelize these days is from behind the computer screen. There are a lot of Christians out there who are starting blogs and setting up YouTube channels to share their experiences walking with the Lord, their dreams, visions and teachings, but perhaps the simplest and most efficient way to evangelize is the Facebook like button (feel free to use the Facebook comments form below as well). 

By sharing a post on your Facebook page, it will not only be visible to anyone surfing your Facebook profile, but it will also appear on your friend-feed, meaning hundreds of your friends may see it. With so many people on Facebook constantly updating their statuses and checking their feed, this is an ideal evangelism opportunity. It’s perfect for those who are not comfortable witnessing to someone else first hand, or engaging in more aggressive forms of evangelism.

So this is an encouragement for anyone reading this post who is a Christian that you have the power to spread the Gospel to untold numbers of people through social networking sites like Facebook. Be bold and use this opportunity to share your faith.




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