Do You Have The Holy Spirit?

Rob Rennie | Do you have the Holy Spirit, also known as the spirit of truth, revelation and the comforter? How do you know?

I remember the first time I was asked if I had ever experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was working as an adjunct professor at a nearby Community College and a student of mine stopped me after class to ask me about Jesus. He was a believer and wanted to know if I was also since I happened to mention Jesus during my lesson. I can’t recall in what capacity I mentioned Jesus, but I think it was to illustrate something about pronouns. After I told him that I was a believer, he suddenly became very interested in telling me about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Up until that point, I had never considered it that important to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. The Bible says the evidence of being baptized in the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues. I was attending a non-denominational church at the time that didn’t really speak much about the gifts of the spirit, or tongues so it never occurred to me that I should look into it. What was really happening was I wasn’t reading the word as much as I should have been, otherwise I would have known, but that’s for another post. Of course, if you asked me how I feel about the need for believers to speak in tongues today, I would say that’s it crucial.

The reason why speaking in tongues is so important is because it’s a demonstration and confirmation of your identity as a believer and that you acknowledge the things of the spirit. It amazes me that there are professing Christians out there who deny the gifts of the spirit and yet have no problem believing in all of the supernatural stories of the Bible including Jonah being swallowed by a whale, the virgin birth, the resurrection of Jesus Christ and practically every single Biblical story out there. The Bible says, “God is spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” This verse commands us to live and walk in the spirit.

As I reflect on this encounter I had at the Community College, I thank God because I believe that the Holy Spirit was working through this student to bring me closer to him. Who knows what would have happened to me if I hadn’t started investigating the baptism of the Holy Spirit evidenced by speaking in tongues. This entire website would most likely not exist. This is because something happened to me when I took the advice of the student. He told me that I should simply ask the Holy Spirit to come into me. At the time, I had never done that before, nor thought to do it, but I still remember what happened to me when I did.

I was lying in bed thinking about what my student said about asking the Holy Spirit to come into you. I thought, ‘O.K. here goes, I wanted to see what happens.’ I said, ‘Holy Spirit, I ask you now to come into me.’ I still remember vividly what happened next. I felt a physical presence descend on me. With it came a profound feeling of peace. I even remember my sinuses opening up. I could breathe better. That’s when I knew something real and spiritually significant had happened to me that night. Did I immediately start speaking in tongues? No, that would happen later when I set my mind to really begin exercising spiritual gifts, but I believe the groundwork was set when I asked the Holy Spirit to come into me.

The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘Do I have the Holy Spirit?’ A lot of Christians are trying to follow God’s will without the leading of the Holy Spirit and this is dangerous. If you say your’e doing God’s will, you have to really be sure you’re doing God’s will because if not, you’re going to be vulnerable to a lot of spiritual attack and deception. Not only that, but you also have to remember that God’s will is specific and adheres to particular times, places, and situations. The spirit is always moving because we serve a living God and things are constantly in flux.

You don’t want to miss what the spirit is saying for today so why would you neglect what God sent to guide you? Don’t waste another minute and ask the Holy Spirit to come into you today.


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