Countdown To Armageddon?


Rob Rennie | Iran is one step closer to enriching uranium and building a nuclear bomb. Is this a signal of Armageddon? What should the response of the United States and Israel be?

According to YNet News, Iran has completed the installation of centrifuges in their Fordo underground nuclear facility:

“Iran has been enriching uranium up to a level of 20% – just short of what is considered a military level.”

They admit the centrifuges aren’t yet active, however, this new development illustrates how close Iran is to getting a nuclear weapon. Should Israel be worried? In short, yes. But the real question is, should they consider a preemptive strike.

I’m no military commander, but my common sense tells me that if they attack Iran, the retaliation will be fierce, of Biblical proportions, if you will, not just from Iran, but from all the countries in the Middle East. If they don’t strike, they risk Iran going nuclear.

But at the end of the day, if someone’s dead-set on obtaining nuclear capability, no one is going to stop them, so what can you do, other than to threaten and scream, “Stop!” at the top of your lungs, which both the U.S. and Israel have already done via heavy sanctions.

There’s only one thing left to do at this point and that’s pray. Pray that Iran, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and the rest of the Middle East come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. This is our last resort.

Israel can’t pray this on its own because most Jews are in spiritual darkness, so that leaves only one option and that’s for us, here in the U.S. to pray for them.

We need to pray for them to receive the Gospel message, come into a personal relationship with the Lord and for the Lord’s will to be done in their lives. This is the only thing that will save them and ultimately save their souls.







  • Josh

    I think this is just a foreign policy way of bearing false witness against your neighbor. Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons. Iran has 0:

    Pakistan and India have tons of nuclear weapons. Russia has them, and the United States, the only country to have ever used them on live populations, has thousands upon thousands upon thousands.

    Yet Iran gets blamed for starting a nuclear arms race?

    And why would Iran, upon obtaining enough military grade material and making enough for a bomb, then use their only form of self defense? They don’t even have a delivery device? What are they gonna do? put it on a big truck and ship it across the border?
    Iranian leadership, the real ones in charge, not the clown of a president Ahmadinejad — they are neither stupid nor suicidal. They are aware that Israel is just itching to attack them, and that’s the driving force behind their will to have a weapon. Even the opposition, who are oppressed by their government wish to have nuclear capabilities for peaceful and defense purposes.

    You are correct in assuming a pre-emptive attack by Israel on Iran would create a nightmare scenario. Past Israeli administrations have utilized pre-emptive warfare in the past against Iraq, but Iraq did not have the capabilities to strike back.

    If Israel attacks Iran, Iran will likely retaliate against US forces stationed in surrounding bases and countries, dragging the US into an unnecessary war Israel started. In the interests of self-preservation Iran might also hire pirates to make shipping oil out of the Strait of Hormuz difficult. This will drive up the price of oil because companies will have to hire extra protection to get through. This would affect European countries that depend greatly on that region for their oil supplies. Russia and China might also get involved because they depend on Iran for their oil as well. This is why Obama was worried that the current Israeli administration might start a war, without even giving us a heads-up.

    Sanctions are not a peaceful alternative; this is economic warfare. Everything the United States is doing and has done incentivizes Iran to obtain nuclear defense capabilities. North Korea for example had nuclear weapons and they haven’t been invaded. Governor Romney said during the debates that we cannot abandon our “ally” Pakistan because they have nuclear capabilities. Iraq and Afghanistan did not have nuclear weapons and they were invaded and occupied. What kind of message does that send to Iranian leadership? “Obtain nuclear weapons or face an invasion.” If they did actually have a weapon the US would not be harassing them as they are now.

    I would like to remind you that Russia, along with many other European countries, as well as the United States, all largely composed of Christian citizens at one point in time all have thousands upon thousands of nuclear weapons. How many Christians do you meet who argue that the US should not have any weapons? Christian’s I’ve met usually advocate nuking Mecca and turning the Middle East into glass. Being a Christian does not make governments, Christian or otherwise, wish to abandon a pursuit of having nuclear weapons as a deterrent for war. Never mind that there are large populations of Christians in Israel, Egypt and Syria, and yes even Palestine – which is now a country.

    If everyone in the Middle East woke up tomorrow a Christian, that would not stop the nuclear arms race in the slightest. You are welcome to pray as much as you wish, but if you want politics to change, you should encourage Christians to educate themselves on foreign policy and middle eastern politics — so they can vote and make a difference in the way the US operates around the world. God knows we could use a foreign policy based on the Golden Rule, instead of one that bombs first and let’s God sort them out afterwards.

    • Rob Rennie

      What you say about Christian nations using nukes is true. But my point about prayer was that the heart of this entire debate has to do with faith and what the truth is. You’ve got a false religion on one hand, Islam, and a pure Judaism on the other and the battle is over who is God’s people. This is a spiritual matter and the Lord Jesus is the only one who could unite both of these people into the truth. Sadly, this probably won’t happen and it’s going to turn into a fight to the death, with only one nation or people left standing.