Battle Stations!

Rob Rennie | The Lord is calling a three day fast starting midnight tonight until March 20th, the date President Obama is scheduled to visit Israel for the ‘Covenant of Peoples.’

I came across a video by YHWH GLORY¬†regarding God’s desire for believers everywhere to fast and pray for the next three days starting tonight at 12 midnight. We all know President Barack Obama is going to be in Israel this Wednesday for a highly anticipated prophetically-significant event that is being called, ‘A Covenant of Peoples.’ Many in the body of Christ are speculating that this will be the meeting that will divide Israel, God’s land. End times are upon us, brothers and sisters. It’s time to man your battle stations.

I will be fasting from water and food for three days and praying for revival and repentance in these last hours before the rapture. We need to pray for the end time harvest like never before and come against the principalities and powers of the air that stand against us. Here are some tips for how to wage spiritual warfare in the heavens.




  1. Go into solitude
  2. Worship God, thanking him for sending his son, Jesus Christ to redeem us
  3. Sing, dance! (Optional: play Gospel music)
  4. Pray for others with needs
  5. Petition God to have mercy on his people
  6. Pray for a spirit of repentance, that others may be saved
  7. Visualize your faith in God as a brilliant light that you can aim into the heavens to overcome spiritual darkness
  8. Bless those that curse you, pray for those who mistreat you
  9. CONSIDER THE BATTLE ALREADY WON! We just need to claim the victory!
  10. Pray in tongues, reach out your hands to the heavens!







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