America Needs Humility

facebooktwitter | This message by Prophet JC needs to grow legs and travel all over the body of Christ. America needs humility, that means you and me.

If you haven’t checked out Pastor and Prophet JC on YouTube, I highly recommend it. He’s consistently on target in his messages and has the anointing of the Holy Spirit all over his videos. He also has a blogtalkradio show called, ‘Times of Refreshing’ which you may want to check out.

In this message, he talks about pride coming before the fall and a vision the Lord gave him about a man climbing a flight of stairs and then falling from a great height, while another man who allowed the Lord to lead him up the stairs one by one didn’t. He draws a lot of parallels between pride coming before destruction and the fall of America in these last days.

I concur with Prophet JC that America desperately needs humility and that the more we think we can do things without God, the more we run into trouble, so I encourage everyone to take this message to heart.