radiopicRob Rennie is host of ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ which airs on AM 1460 WVOX in New Rochelle, New York Fridays at 5 PM Eastern. He’s also the founder of, a Christian news site highlighting personal testimonies of Jesus Christ and issues of worldwide persecution against the church.

Prior to hosting ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie,’ Rob was host of ‘The Rob Rennie Show,’ a libertarian-leaning political talk show on AM 1460 WVOX. However, after experiencing a spiritual awakening, he had a revelation from God that he needed to change the format of his show. In January of 2012, ‘The Rob Rennie Show’ was no longer and ‘The Eternal Planner w/ Rob Rennie’ was born. Rob believes that, more than anything, America is in need of a moral revolution rather than a political one. On his show, he discusses common societal problems and explains how, to one degree or another, all of them are consequences of our falling away from God, both as a nation and as individuals.

The job of an Eternal Planner is to approach eternal salvation and the desired outcome of having a closer walk with God as a practical skill-set. Getting saved and learning to develop a closer relationship with the one true God is not only attainable, but something everyone should aspire to, similar to the way everyone aspires to having good health.

Rob’s beliefs about God are no longer a head-knowledge, existing only in the theoretical, but have become a matter of personal experience after receiving a deeper knowledge of the spiritual and supernatural realm thus making his understanding of the Gospel message that much more real. Rob is proud to proclaim Jesus Christ his personal Lord and Savior and urgently encourages others to do the same.